Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Indie Ville TV #76 Spotlight on Indieville’s own Lizzie Miller

Written by K.L. Graham

If you’ve ever tuned in to IndievilleTV you’ll immediately recognize Lizzie Miller, 
one of our fabulous hosts. With her blonde hair and bubbly personality and wit, 
she’s easy to spot. What you may not know about our Lizzie is that she is very 
comfortable on both sides of the microphone.

Along with her illustrious hosting career, Lizzie sings country/pop.  
As a host Lizzie says; “I enjoy interviewing and getting to know a broad spectrum 
of talent.” Although she has interviewed tons of famous singers, and not as well 
known bands that Indieville is famous for bringing to your attention, Lizzie does 
have a favorite.  “I enjoyed interviewing a band called ‘The Tip.’ Those guys are 
by far talented with tons of high energy that you immediately connect with!”

As a busy host and artist, Lizzie is always working.  Currently her priority is 
“Getting enough really good songs to make an album.”  Ms. Miller is hard at work 
and says “I am in the process of recording new songs I have written as well as 
some other originals and putting together a new music video.

A songwriter, Lizzie says (true to the independent spirit of IndievilleTV) “I am 
writing songs that are not the average songs you hear on the radio and trying to 
write songs that will be unique and different.”

Uniquely her own, but with gorgeous hints of classic country are songs like “The 
Mask” and “Heartache Ends.” 

We at Indieville love our Lizzie whether it’s in front our mic and camera, or behind 
her own.

As for this year at IndievilleTV Lizzie is committed to “Always improving and 
making the show more interesting and fun entertainment!” We’re sure, her MO 
with her new music is the same. 

To hear more of Lizzie’s music, you can visit 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Indie Ville TV #75 The Clover Club’s Dustin Rye and Their “Booze Fueled Hard Rock from the Heart of Tennessee”

Written by K.L. Graham                                           

It was the night of the first band practice, and all through the house, not a creature was 
not rocking out, not even a mouse.

When Dustin Rye’s father walked down into the basement he said “You boys are rowdy, 
kind of like The Clover Club.”

The Clover Club was the stuff of legends, a greasy bar where all the fathers and 
grandfathers of small town McEwen went to party. Unfortunately, the bar burned down 
in 1976, but thanks to the boys of the band of The Clover Club, the rowdy spirit of the 
bar lives on. 

As Dustin Rye (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Chris Campbell (bass) and Shawn Jones (Drums) 
were working on their first ep and throwing around band names they thought of a few, 
but each one was “Not as good as The Clover Club.”  

And that perhaps is the storybook beginning of the band The Clover Club, or it would 
have been if not for the fact that the band is more like 3/4th hard rock and 1/4th whiskey 
and 0 parts fairytale.

It’s songs like “Trouble” and “Diamonds and Cherries” That bring to mind the iconic 
imagery of early Rock N’ Roll.

Justin says “I draw a lot of influence from Jimi Hendrix.  A lot of our music is about living 
life on the wild side. Our first ep was kinda based on the kind of gambling and life in the 
fast lane.”

The band’s early inclinations of what they might become was a wild ride, with more hints 
of Fear and Loathing than a breezy motorcycle ride down an old Tennessee lane. 
Dustin Rye says the guys love “ACDC, Van Halen, (and) Good old sweaty rock n’ roll.
When asked what the band’s favorite song was to play live, Dustin said “Oh wow that’s 
a tough one. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between ‘Trouble’ or ‘Devil.’ Both of those 
songs we get a very good response for. ‘Trouble’ is one of the first songs we wrote as a 

“Trouble” is definitely a heavy hitter of The Clover Club’s first ep, which they have 
recently recorded and are releasing in 2016 as a way to stay true to their early roots, but 
also adding finesse to their fan favorites.

“We’re just gunna give it away for free. The people who ask about the songs have 
already bought it. We want people to hear those songs.”

The free ep will feature 4 of the band’s older tunes, and two brand new ones.  In 2016, 
old fans with sparkles in their eyes with the remembrance of the old Club, and new fans, 
(hopefully even some new groupies) will flock to the band’s new gigs and continue to 
worship the rock n’ roll spirit of The Clover Club.

When asked if The Clover Club has groupies yet, Dustin laughed and said “No not 
particularly.  We’re working on it. We got a pretty good (fan)base.  Our base is growing.  
We’ve made a lot of friends playing in Nashville this last year.  We’re kinda transitioning 
to being more than just friends in the crowd.”

The guys of The Clover Club are also transitioning from their small town of McEwen and 
into the hotter Nashville music scene.  

“There’s no real music base bars of McEwen. It’s a cover band town. We play mostly 

The Clover Club is taking their new originals, and re-released ep to the public. 

“We have a very 2016 planned. We picked up a manager a very nice guy Derek 
Capron. He is a very ambitious individual who’s been in the scene for a while…I feel 
really good with my ambition and Derek’s.  It’s going to be a big year for us.”

The Clover Club is set to go on tour in early 2016 with dates in Ohio, Jacksonville, St. 
Louis and Georgia along with Nashville clubs, and they plan on putting out a music 
video. You can bet there will whiskey and some fabulous debauchery involved.
The Clover Club new/old EP Straight Hustle Flush is out now and so is some of their 
leaked “The Black Album.”

Be sure to check out songs like ‘Trouble’ and ‘Slow Burn” And spoiler alert, Dustin’s 
Dad may be responsible for 1/3rd of the band and the band name, but this writer is 
demanding the next record be named “Welcome to the Clover Club.” After all, it’s even 
in their Facebook name:, Check it out on 
Facebook and the band’s other pages to hear all the latest and new music. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Indie Ville TV #74 FIRESHIPS to play The Basement in Nashville on Tuesday, January 12th

For Immediate Release
"Purely a joy to listen to. Their playful yet smart lyrics combine with brilliant instrumentation to make this one you need to grab... a wonderful album." – INDEPENDENT CLAUSES

“’Come Back To Me’ sounds something like an indie campfire jam, with a sing-along chorus and a convivial mood making it an ideal invitation for the Fireships LP. Existing somewhere between indie rock and folk revival, Fireships have offered up a promising start.” – POPMATTERS

“Fireships mixes the earth and the streets like many great bands do, but most of all they feel like something brand new.” – THE MORTON REPORT


** Honey Brothers Founder and Indie Veteran Andrew Vladeck Returns with Eclectic New Band **
Fireships, the new project from Honey Brothers founder and New York City indie veteran Andrew Vladeck kicks off a new leg of national touring and will come to Nashville for a show at The Basement on Tuesday, January 12th.

Fireships released their self-titled debut on April 21st via End Up Records. The 13-song album melds indie-folk and Americana with some West African influences into an elegant affair that evokes shades of Lou Reed, Paul Simon’s Graceland and Deer Tick. An album that patrols the foggy edges of American music from the shores of the East River.

Their whimsical first video for “Countdown Time” was premiered exclusively on SYFFAL. Vladeck himself helmed the video, casting himself as a meandering drunken astronaut. It was shot guerrilla style all over New York City, from the USS Intrepid (where they were able to sneak inside an actual Mercury Era space capsule) to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. At one point Andrew even wears his old Urban Park Ranger uniform (yep, he was actually once an NYC park ranger!) for the scene where he pulls his astronaut character over.

The band also debuted the album’s first track “Come Back To Me” with PopMatters, and premiere-streamed the entire album via The Big Takeover who called it "Finely crafted, tuneful, passionate music."

“Countdown Time” (video)
“Come Back To Me” (audio)
“Gush” (audio)
“Countdown Time” (audio)

Fireships are preparing new video for the next single "Come Back To Me" and will soon announce more touring for winter and spring.

The story of FIRESHIPS:

Taking their name from the Hudson River sloops that repelled the British warships before the Battle of Brooklyn – using fire and water to fight darkness with light – Brooklyn-based Fireships makes guitar-driven alt-folk that’s dreamy and fiery, spontaneous and well-crafted. Forming in 2013, Fireships is the musical entity Andrew Vladeck created while living in the Hudson Valley last winter, when visiting musician friends colored in the songs he was writing. “I realized that songs are fireships; cast against darkness to brighten the way,” says Vladeck. As the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album covers ground, you’re hearing the journey the band can make, from a self-contained solo act to a collaborative clique of excellent musicians.

Fireships’ singer-songwriting is classic yet keenly modern, mixing choice folk-rock spanning decades and featuring finger-picked electric guitar of American Folk and West African influence, recalling Lou Reed, Paul Simon’s Graceland, and Deer Tick. Vladeck’s lyrics resonate with the depth and sophistication of the folk tradition; the sound is more contemporary – arrangements billow with bass and strident drums, triumphal organs and harmonies. Multi-instrumentalist Lauren Balthrop’s (Dear Georgiana) Emmylou-esque artistry blends with Andrew’s unvarnished delivery. Rhythm section team Chris Buckridge and Jason Lawrence fuse bass and drums, lending gravitas to songs like drunken astronaut fantasy “Countdown Time.” Dynamic violinist Hannah Thiem, the newest addition to the band, sustains and colors their sound.

The New York City-born Vladeck has always been equally drawn to both the modern energy of the city and the ancient pace of nature, fascinated by the ways they interact. He found a way to combine these interests as a NYC Urban Park Ranger-Historian, stationed in Central Park. As a result of a spontaneous public performance while in uniform, he found himself doing double duty as “The Singing Ranger.”  His music evolved along these lines, incorporating city-modern and country-traditional aesthetics. His first guitar and first lesson were compliments of his father’s cousin, the Grammy-nominated traditional-rock musician David Bromberg. Fireships evolve from these hybrid beginnings.

Fireships recorded in Brooklyn, with producer Paul Loren’s virtuosic contributions  and numerous drop-ins by talented friends such as the legendary composer David Amram. “Come Back to Me,” with its playful pennywhistle, chirpy guitar grooves and rollicking drums, contrasts with enchanting quiet moments, as in the haunting ballad “Carried Away,” written with Sydney Wayser (Clara Nova), who also sings on the track. There’s the cheeky candor of “Passing Knowledge of the Sexes,” mostly guitar, percussion and voice. And sometimes they’ll just knock out a rocker like “Going Down Fighting” with Vladeck cranking out some satisfyingly sizzling guitar.

Fireships debut album will be released in 2015. Demos of songs on the album have recently won awards: "Gush" & "Countdown Time" are winners in the Great American Song Contest; "Chasing the Sun" won the Vox Pop Award as part of the Occupy This Album compilation for the Independent Music Awards. Previously “The Songs You Inspire” won First Place (AAA) in the International Songwriting Competition and Vladeck was voted NYC Artist of the Month in The Deli Magazine. The Village Voice has called his band “bold and brassy, nothing but fun.“ Some of these contests were judged by the same artists that inspired him to play music in the first place. Vladeck is also a founding member of The Honey Brothers and Balthrop, Alabama.

Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – iTunes – Instagram – Bandcamp

# # #

For more information, music and interview requests please contact:
Jason Consoli at Perpetual Media Relations, 917.446.1705

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Indie Ville TV #73 Don Pedigo: The Student Becomes the Master, and other Tales from the Heartland

Written by -K.L. Graham                                                  

Don Pedigo is a force to be reckoned with.  Recently Don appeared on Roots Music Report’s coveted Top 50 Chart where he was #30 with his new album “The Crossed Eyed Sessions.” Tom Petty appeared on the same chart at #38.

 Not only did Don’s album garnish the Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Rock Album Chart, but his song “You’ve got Everything” also won accolades on Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Roots Rock Song Chart at #31: Just above Mr. Pedigo was Bruce Springsteen at #29.

Appearing with the likes of Tom Petty, Springsteen, and John Mellencamp may be a notch on Don
Pedigo’s musical belt, but what is more fascinating than his chart placement is the man himself.  Don’s life is balanced on hard work, his family, and of course his music.  The blue collar, heart lander image, is no joke, part of Pedigo’s success is because of his relentless work ethic.

 “A lot of people don’t know this about me. When I’m not touring I’m a licensed electrician…When we get off the phone I’m going to go in a crawl space. I sort of live a double life in that essence.”

Not only is Mr. Pedigo a member of Local #429, when he is couch surfing on the road, yes couch surfing, he often offers his electrician and handyman services as to say “Thank You” to his hosts.

No, this isn’t the image of the American Rock Star; this is the American Traveler, the Cowboy, with tools in one hand, and guitar in the other, bringing stories and goodness to one and all.

Don doesn’t have a 5 Star Tour Bus, instead he has good friends and hosts across the nation, where he gigs in TX and LA often.  Mr. Pedigo recently even played the coveted SXSW Festival, the Mesa Music Festival, and even Americana week here in Nashville of them meccas for musicians everywhere.

As for his attraction to the Heartland Don says “Well in my travels as an adult what it means to be is
coming from the heart of America…When I tour the mid west I feel very much a part of the land and the people. My parents weren’t farmers, they were evangelists.    I think that represents/symbolizes what a heart lander might be. The hard working blue collar man to the table… Not to say that you can always tell where somebody’s from but in essence, the values and work ethic, and I‘d like to think the politeness of the country folk I suppose that’s what that means to me.”

Polite and from the country he may be, but it’s his emotional songs that garnish attention.  On his
favorite song Don says “It usually goes back to ‘Sad man’, across the board whether I’m in a listening room situation or I’m playing a festival.”

Emotionally charged as he may be, in real life, Don’s life seems to be a happy one, complete with a
beautiful family.

Don has two daughters, one is a senior at Tennessee Tech who wants to become a music teacher, and a 7 year old daughter who thinks he is “just as cool as Ariana Grande.”  And even if his older daughter may not idolize him as much as the little one, Don says “And even if she doesn’t think Dad’s cool, she grew up knowing that Daddy was a rockstar and she knew music was a part of our home.”

When’s he’s out of the home, on tour Don never forgets his three best girls.  “I always bring home
stories and special gifts… In my home we accept each other for who we are. Sometimes it’s not the most comfortable.  (After a long time away) It took me a few days to reacclimatize.  The arts aren’t treated as an esteemed job…but it is a job. It’s just a job.”

Music and life in Nashville is Don Pedigo’s job and home.  He says:  “Just that feeling I get when I’m writing around that little area, Vanderbilt, 21st. I get that excitement from when I first moved from little Indiana to Nashville. It’s the same comfortable feeling of ‘This what you’re supposed to do.’ Songwriting in Nashville especially in that little area; I just feel so at home.”

On his writing Don says he channels his music by being prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually.   I believe, and I’ve witnessed that if I wanna write a song about a certain topic or subject. I believe that the universe gives it to you, if you want it.”  He went on to say “It takes a special discipline to keep yourself clear and centered.” For Pedigo that discipline comes from a strict diet and exercise routine, and like any true Heartlander a healthy of dose of love for family, God, and country.

On his current charting successes, and new album The Cross Eyed Sessions, Pedigo says:  “I’ve got to take a moment and give thanks to God for this. All that work has paid off and I’ve arrived I guess.”

It was clear when he first came to Nashville that he had arrived, writing immediately with Earl Bud Lee and James House after doing a demo with the famous Larry Crane, and being scouted by Patsy Sermersheim. From those encounters came a Publishing deal and recording career that’s culminated in his success in the Roots/Rock genre.

Upcoming for Mr. Pedigo is the continuation of his tour, and look out for his new video in January for his song “She Turns Me On.”

To find out more about Don Pedigo you can visit his website for all his new music, news, tour dates, and links to his social media pages.

Now go get acquainted with the man from Indiana with the guitar and toolbelt on his knee.