Friday, January 29, 2016

Indie Ville TV #77 Rome Logan: Turning Up The World with his hot singles and new album “PARTY SEX LOVE.”

Written by -K.L.Graham

Rome Logan is a velvety voiced swagateer. But beyond his party tunes and crazy cool personal style
(check out his Instagram @ROMELOGANMUSIC, the man can dress!) is a really sensitive, socially aware independent musician ready for world domination.

Rome works with Stinger Boy Music Group and producer Darin D’Rock James. He also works with Joe Meador who is does his Publishing and Management. Armed with this fierce team of industry pros, Rome has an arsenal of sexy tunes for everyone’s party, car ride, or casual turn up at home.

Rome’s music is part personal, part persona.  His favorite live performance song is “Pull Up.”

 “I feel like that was one of those songs that kind of tied everything together.  You get a sense of kind of who I am as an artist…and my sound and everything. I really feel like I got it right. It’s one of the last songs we cut for the album and I feel like it’s on another level creatively.

But as much as his swagalicious party persona comes out in song like “Pull Up,” you can see Rome’s soft side in hits like “1 Love” and his culturally aware “Time Waits for No One.” “(Time Wait’s for No One) It’s my favorite for what it stands for. It’s kind of a social commentary on everything that’s been going. Between people and the police and everything that goes on in this country. I normally don’t do songs like that. Anytime I play that song for anybody they get quiet for a minute and just go ‘I have chills right now.’”

In the silence, between songs (or videos for those of you tuning in at home) you can see the visionary
behind the sunglasses and the sexy tunes.

Musically, and perhaps even physically, Rome is always keeping you on your toes. You can see what I mean on his VEVO channel.  “I actually still got two or three different videos that haven’t even dropped yet. We were waiting for this year. I think a lot of people were tripped out. After I did ‘1 Love’ releasing Pressure…people were like: ‘You went from love to all these different girls in the video?’”

Of course he did. As for all of his videos, (shot and directed by Lance Goodman) the through line is
simple. Rome says: “Ideally I want you to cut the music off and be able to still enjoy it.”

The theme of turning up, whether it’s with one girl, or three, or just a room full of party people is best expressed in his “Turn Up The World.” It’s not just about a great party, but it’s a great anthem for
getting everyone involved and invited to the year’s most fabulous party and musical movement.

Speaking of the world’s most fabulous party, you can get a tiny piece of what that just might be like in Rome’s world and all you have to do is go to Club Reign in TN January 29th, 2015. It’s not a performance “Just straight up Celebration.” But you can rub elbows with Rome and get the scoop on all of his new music in person.  Just don’t forget to bring him some cake batter Sweet Cece’s.  ;)

To find out more about Rome’s music, career, and merch just visit