Saturday, November 15, 2014

Indie Ville TV #16 The World of Blue Matches

Written By Hannah Borrego

Not all bands from Nashville Tennessee carry that country style and Blue Matches is a prime example! This Indie/Punk band is making their mark and burning their way to the top. I had the opportunity to interview Steven Edwards (who is on guitar and vocals) and get a little peak into what keeps Blue Matches flame ignited:

Q- Who is the manager of the band?

A- There is no official manager. However, Steven says himself and Michelle Marston (also on

vocals) would definitely claim that title if it was a set position.

Q- How did the members meet?

A- Michelle and Steven met through ads in 2010. The singer that was originally in place did not

work out, but Michelle fit the part! The other members of the band came together with the

help from friends of friends. “We’re like a dysfunctional family.” Steven shares.

Q- Where did the name Blue Matches come from?

A- There is no real reason for the name. A drummer that was previously in the band had made a

list of names and Blue Matches happened to be on it. It has a double meaning; not only literal

but also emotional, “feeling blue.”

Q- What inspires you to write music?

A- “I can’t speak for the others,” Steven says, “but growing up I listened to indie and punk

music; also just having an emotional connection with music.”

Q- Who are your biggest inspirations; musical or non-musical?

A- The bands Get Up Kids, NoFX, and Fly Leaf are a few of the many musical inspirations. As far

as the writing goes, social issues and past relationships play a major part. There are a few songs

inspired by the everyday pop culture.

Q-Where do you want to see your band in five years?

A- Hopefully doing a tour and being able to make a living just making music. We all currently

have full-time jobs. Definitely hope to be doing more shows. “This coming year (2015) we will

be playing South West, which is a huge step forward.” Steven says.

Q- Have you always wanted to be in the music industry?

A- Yes. “I have a degree in recording,” Steven tells, “and the other band members have always

been involved with music.”

Q-What’s your favorite part of performing?

A- When the crowds get into it. We are very energetic and in your face during performances.

It’s awesome when the crowd sings along.

Q- Who are you trying to reach through your music?

A- It ranges from teens to those in their twenties and early thirties. It originally was aimed

towards those in the mid-twenties and up. However, when they played River Fest they

discovered many of those in the crowd were teens!

Q-What or who are your biggest motivators?

A- The drive to succeed. We’ve put in a lot of effort towards this and we just want to see it go


Q- How was the journey been so far as a band?

A- In 2008, before it was the four of us, it was not so easy. The band has always been Blue

Matches, but the members have been rotated in and out. However, since there’s been a set

group, it’s been a lot easier.

Blue Matches is going to be Nashville’s first rising Indie band! They’ve already played many

venues and will continue to have many more opportunities. This talent can’t be overlooked!

You can find out more on their website There you can buy

merchandise, learn more about the band, see their upcoming shows, and more!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Indie Ville TV #15 Seraphim Ward's New Album Killing It

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, CA – After winning her high-profile legal battle last year, Seraphim Ward has been able to finally focus on her true passion… music. In June of 2014, on Friday the 13th, Seraphim finally released her highly-anticipated album, “Time Heals All Wounds”. The lead single, "What's the Color of Love (Beautiful Creature)" was the first to be released and fans have been raving of all the raw intensity and passion that Seraphim delivered in the songs intense lyrics.

Ward is known throughout Hollywood for her poetic lyrics, hard-rock edge, and colorful style. Born of Creole heritage and raised in the Southeast, Seraphim struggled as a child to overcome a stutter that, for a time, caused her to withdraw from society. She found an outlet for her rich imagination in books and she delved into literature and began composing her own music in her early teens. Her love for art, performance, and music seemed to hit a ceiling until, at age 15, Sshe made the move to Hollywood, CA. Her unique look immediately caught the eye of a talent manager who helped start her career and she booked modeling campaigns for Kraft, Foot Locker, Macy's, and J-Crew. This initial work led her to the runway as a model for high-end designers and boutiques in Beverly Hills.

While studying film, she began exploring the Los Angeles music scene and was encouraged to record her own material. Seraphim's creative dreams were fully realized with the release of her debut album, “Mute Malevolence”. Adding "actress" to her ever-growing resume, Seraphim starred as "Rachel" alongside award-winning actress Bai Ling (The Crow, Red Corner, Wild Wild West) in the 2013 feature film Speed Dragon. Two hot songs off her new album, "Rebel" and "Bad Behavior" were featured on the soundtrack. 

She is currently filming her first original feature film, Angel One Eye, for which she served as writer, cinematographer and director. Ward produces new music and music videos through her own label and production company, Sin Icon Productions. To learn more about Seraphim Ward visit

Indie Ville TV #14 The Busks a unique band on the rise

Written by Patrick Roberts

The Busks are a new unique band rising from Tennessee soon to make their way to the top! I had the wonderful experience of interviewing their manager, Fletcher, to get a look into what makes their band tick. The band is made up of five members, Dylan, Jacob, Justin, Wesley, and their manager, Fletcher. But their band didn’t start with all five. Here’s what Fletcher had to say:

Q- How did you come up with the band name, “The Busks?”
A- It was two members of the band, actually. “One day they were just throwing around names.” He says. “They looked at others who had become famous from playing in Nashville on the streets, which is called, “busking,” and they just thought, busks, yeah it works.”

Q- How did the band members meet?
A- Jacob and Dylan have always been best friends. They switched off playing bass and decided they could add some more musical talent; such as drums and a keyboard. Justin, Dylan’s brother in law, eventually joined in. Wesley joined in about ten months ago. “We’re all just friends.” Fletcher states.

Q- Do you write your own songs?
A- Jacob and Dillon do. Justin will write sometimes, but there is never anyone hired to do the writing. It’s all original.

Q- Have you always wanted to be in the music industry?
A- Yes. It’s always been a dream!

Q- What inspires you to play music?
A- Just being so close to Nashville and seeing all the shows. The Beatles are also a huge inspiration.

Q- Where do you hope to see your band in five years?
A- We are hoping to eventually have our own U.S. Tour. Hopefully doing more shows and becoming more popular as time goes on.

Q- How do you promote your band?
A- Through every social media we can. We have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Before shows we use fliers and it’s mostly word of mouth too.

Q- How does music affect you?
A- “It’s a huge part of our lives, it’s fantastic! It is the cornerstone of everything we do.” He says.
Q- Who are your musical/non-musical influences? Who pushes you every day?

A- Friends and family are huge. They are always there. And again, The Beatles.
Q- What’s the best thing about being in a band?

These boys have music in their veins! The passion is there and you can tell through their music. They’re currently in Tennessee anticipating their fame, however, you can check them out on their website, Which has all their social media links! 

Indie Ville TV #13 Nashville Up and Coming Rock Goddes Asheira

Written by Omari Byrd

This week I got the chance to sit down with Asheira, an up and coming rock goddess making noise in the Nashville music scene. Blending classic rock ballads with tunes catchy enough to be heard on your local radio, let’s see what makes Asheira tick!

DA: Where are you from and how long have you been in Nashville?

ASH: I'm the product of a military family so I'm a little bit from everywhere; but I spent 10 years in Mobile, Alabama and fought my way to Nashville,Tennessee and I've been here for about 3 years now.

DA: What’s your favorite thing to do in the city and why is it your favorite thing?

ASH: Definitely music and looking for the right people to work with! I've been collectively writing and co-writing with different people, finding musicians that mesh with my style, and after 2 years of looking for the right people, the band just came together this year and here we are. We've self produced an EP album and released one single that has been getting a buzz on 102.9 The Buzz, and that single has led us to other producers and new opportunities! We're actually in talks with Mark Neill, producer of the The Black Keys Brothers album, it's unofficial as of now but we hope it pans out; it's very exciting!

DA: Wow! Very swagged out, I love the work ethic; it definitely sounds like you're working around the clock. So tell me about the band!

ASH: Well the band is made up of drummer Dustin Roberts, Wade Blair on guitar, Steven Thomas on bass, and Jeremy Brading on rhythm guitar. They're amazingly talented and like family to me.

DA: Beautiful; that's the way it's supposed to be. What artists would you say inspire you?

ASH: I like artists with their own style like Jimmy Hendrix, Jack White, and Led Zeppelin, but especially artists like Dan Fenton of Feedback Revival who inspired me and actually helped produce and co-write some of our songs; I love him. Also I love Jeff Buckley, he's one of the best vocalists ever and the only reason I say that is because his songs are more of a passionate, emotional release. He's mastered his character and that's what it's all about.

DA: I hear you with the "mastered his character" statement... you really know something about mastering a character don't you? What movie are you going to be in again?

ASH: Well yeah, I do act, and I play a lead role in the independent film "Race With The Devil" that will be coming out very soon. Be sure to check me out!
DA: Oh, I surely won't forget! Now that we know who has contributed to your sound, how exactly would you describe your sound?

ASH: I definitely have an eclectic sound of 60's, 70's, and 80's rock & roll, mixed with modernized pop elements and different pieces put together. I get No Doubt, ACDC, and The White Stripes comparisons all the time; I love it!

DA: Wow, I must say your music actually had that effect on me! I definitely caught that eclectic, No Doubt vibe when listening to your single "Riding in Cars". Now if you can describe it, what effect would you like your music to have on people?

ASH: I just want people let go of the corporateness of music and feel cool/have fun! It's no secret that you can go to a show in Nashville and see people  with their arms crossed still standing there. Why!? I want people to be themselves because nobody's perfect, and the imperfections of rock & roll are what make it rock and roll. My goal is just to make Nashville dance again.

DA: Now that's dope; I couldn't agree more on that. As Goodie Mob once said, "they don't dance no mo"! Here's a wild question, say you could work with any artist EVER... who would you work with?

ASH: It would have to be Freddie Mercury of Queen. He's one of my favorite vocalists in the world! He's just so quirky and fun, I know we'd make a high energy record.

DA: Awesome. Insert Freddie Mercury meme here! So I know you've released some songs and you definitely have a lot in the chamber, but which of your songs would you release to the people if you could only choose one?

ASH: I'd probably release our song "Do or Die". It's about letting go of everything in order to do what you love with the people you love to do it with. Life is so short, you've got to do what you love. It's such a positive song, and that's the one I would love to give to people.

DA: Yes. It is all about positivity, and empowering people to do what they need to do, and the fact that you say that now means I know you'll follow up on the mic. That's very cool. Now I have a very serious question for you... soft shell or hard shell tacos?

ASH: Soft shell, because you can have more at one time!

DA: Those are my sentiments exactly! Now Asheira, you have one chance to say something to the entire world. Go!

ASH: I would tell the world do what you love, life is short, and live it with the people you love!

DA: There we go, a cool response from a cool chick. Asheira, thanks for taking time out to tell me about yourself. Be sure to catch Asheira around town at one of her various  upcoming performances at the High Watt, Exit Inn, The End, and 5 Spot. Also check out her music, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else Asheira on