Sunday, October 25, 2015

Indie Ville TV #67 Lennox Munroe Talks Body Confidence- “Whether you’re a size two, or a size 12, you’re still beautiful.”

Written by -K.L. Graham                        

Lennox Munroe is a busty, blonde model who has been cultivating her career from years of working with photographers, and creating her own image.  With her cropped hair, tattoos, and curves, it would be easy to put this girl into a fancy boudoir box, but that’s not Lennox’s prerogative. A lover of art and a passionate advocate for body confidence, Lennox wants to inspire young girls, and ensure them that they are beautiful no matter what their size. “Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, you’re still beautiful.”

When asked if she feels most comfortable in boudoir, the model replied “No, No, I don’t. I kinda fell into that.” And went on to say “But if the photographer needs it and I’m comfortable with them, it’s ok.”

Off duty, Lennox prefers comfort and yoga pants or basic jeans and tees.   “My favorite outfit would be my ripped up jeans, my boots, and a trendy t-shirt,” an outfit that has become a staple of women’s
fashion for Nashville natives.

Originally from Knoxville TN, at the age of seven, Lennox moved to Nashville.  “Nashville has pretty much always been home.”

And where girls from New York may idolize Kate Moss, or more recently Kate Upton, for Lennox, she found her idol right at home: her mom.  “I saw a picture of her when she was younger, it was stunning.  After that, I thought: Maybe that’s something I could try.”  Lennox attributes her looks and her life to her hard working mother.  “I owed it to her to make the most of the opportunities I was given.”

As for career goals, Lennox declares “My immediate goal is to get published.” Having been published before, Munroe is eager to be featured in more publications, and has been cutting her teeth with Nashville based photographers.

Being an independent model may have its pros and cons, but in her down to earth way, Lennox says “It’s actually opened a few doors for me to meet people. I’ve been given the opportunity to talk to teenagers about body image.”

Lennox hopes to be a role model and thinks that young women need to be encouraged by setting goals for themselves, and knowing that they are beautiful inside and out.  “It’s very important we start at a young age. They are perfect the way they are, trust that. Be around positive people.  There’s so much negativity. I’ve learned that the hard way.”

What is so interesting about Lennox Munroe (besides her fabulous Van Gogh tattoo and rockin’ bod) is her passion for self-love and confidence. She’s tough, and beautiful, and ready to show the world that every woman, every person, is beautiful in their own way.   To see more of Lennox’s life in photography,

and more about her personally, you can visit her page at

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Indie Ville TV #66 Gritty soul rockers, Ravenhill

Written by Ryn R.      

Recalling their early days, Ravenhill front-man and founder Josh Clifton remembers
thinking "I don't think anyone will wanna hear a while guy sing soul." 

Relocating to Nashville to explore the music scene, this Illinois born band fit right in 
the their gutsy, soul rock vibe.  

Made up of members Clifton, Taylor Chance, Brady Clifton, Mike Bay, Dane Johns, 
Kyle Hassenfratz, Ravenhill is a team effort. 

Clifton crafts shells of possible songs, throwing it around the band until they are 
satisfied with it's content and meaning consisting of "whatever we believe, are going 
through, or are terrified of." 

Dedication is the basis of Ravenhill, Clifton remarking that when he was starting out 
he "wanted friends who believed in Ravenhill, and the songs…" and were 
enthusiastic about their sound. 

This energy carries through into their live shows where grit and feeling are 
palpable, infecting the crowd and creating fans.  

Their most recent album, Soul, was released back in March through record label 
Slospeak, propelling the band forwards as they further establish their sound and 
lyrical style. 

Clifton looks forward to the band down the road with the possibility of adding a 
horn section and back-up singers to create the ultimate experience. 
Check out their local shows at the Crying Wolf on October 22nd, then The End 
sometime early November. 

Listen to their jams on iTunes, YouTube, FaceBook, Spotify, and

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Indie Ville TV #65 Country breakthrough Ty March

Written by Ryn R.

 With an EP in the works along with a move down to Music City itself, Ty March is a
very busy individual. After touring with various bands over the years as a drummer, 
one of them being metal core group Capture the Crown, March decided to strike out 
on his own and settle down with his true passion: country music. 

"When I was on tour with Capture I was writing all these country songs when 
random ideas would pop into my head. Country started to take over as my number 
one so I had to roll with it. It was a pretty natural transition because I just followed 
my heart."

Although a long-time Pennsylvania resident, March enjoyed seeing different parts of 
the country while on tour and decided to take his country career to the next level by 
moving to Nashville; "I have a few friends down there. Love everyone there. The 
southern hospitality is awesome."

March will always be proud of his home up north and explains that "I have a lot of 
people here that really believe in me and want to see me make it…it's a mix of both 
country lovers and people that liked me from past projects…it really feels good to 
have such a strong backbone here in my hometown."

Explore March's sound on YouTube, iTunes, FaceBook and

Friday, October 2, 2015

Indie Ville TV #64 Woman of Many Musical Hats, Sharon Koltick

Written by Ryn R.                              

"Eight years ago…I came down from Indiana to  get involved in the music scene," 
Sharon Koltick shares, further commenting on watching the growth and 
development of Music City's indie and alternative culture. 

Retiring her band Kink Ador which was "started when I first moved to 
Nashville…kinda a long and winding road" for her most recent enterprise, Dead 
Cures, Koltick enjoys the collaborative nature of the project. 

Made up of ex-Adore band-mates Evan Buchanan, Michael Kisak, and Koltick herself, 
Dead Cures is expected to release web-wide any day now. 
With two bands under her belt, Koltick also nurtures her own personal side project 
with Gregory Lattimer, Sharon Koltick Presents, which has recently released the 

Established as a musical catch-all transforming bits and pieces of other songs into 
developed tracks, Koltick explores life and love through her own lense as a 
"response to the Beatles' song; love isn't all you need." 

Building a sense of community and friendship with other musicians and music 
lovers is extremely important to Koltick, who is grateful for venues like the Mercy 
Lounge, the 5 Spot, and The Basement which are "…great places for people to hang 
out and support music."

Dig in to Koltick's live crew, Dead Cures, at The Eastroom October 9th, and then The 
5-Spot October 17th.  

You can find her various projects on either Kink Adore (, Sharon 
Koltick Presents (, and Dead Cures (, or their 
respective FaceBook, YouTube, and Bandcamp pages.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Indie Ville TV #63 Infectious indie-rock, Rock Eupora

Written by Ryn R.                                            

Clayton Waller explains how the lack of an indie music scene in his home state of
Mississippi pushed him to create music for himself and establish his own sound.

Rock Eupora is Waller's most current project where he controls every aspect of it,
from booking to merch, not to mention producing and personally recording each
instrument on his debut CD, Blanks.

"90% is music first" Waller describes his creative process, "(I'm) big on chord
progression…melodies are big for me, I love something you can dance to…also
something heavy, too."

Waller has been in multiple music projects over the years, evidence of which is
obvious in Rock Eupora's indie rock melodies.

The recent Belmont grad remarks how his transfer to Music City has "definitely
pushed me to get better", also motivating him to stay true and transparent to his
Mississippi roots.

Waller dissects his love/hate relationship with the Nashville music scene, more
specifically, the lack of transparency.

Appreciating the rapper's candor and style, Waller remarks that "Mac Demarco is
transparently himself", adding that while he loves Nashville, he finds too many
artists take themselves too seriously and hinder themselves from fully developing
into their own musical personas.

Stop by The Basement on November 4th to check out Rock Eupora's catchy tunes

Listen to his vibes on, iTunes, Soundcloud, FaceBook, and Spotify.