Friday, July 31, 2015

Indie Ville TV #49 The Lower Broadway Band

Press Release

Late into the night on world famous Lower Broadway, hard driving country and
southern rock drifts out from one of the many honky-tonks. But there is something very
special about this particular sound. The Lower Broadway Band is playing for a packed
club filled with excited music fans watching, listening and dancing their hearts out.

 Often called “the best band in Nashville” by their devoted fans, the popular group
features the very best young singers and musicians in Nashville. You can find many of
Nashville’s top musicians in the audience when LBB is performing coming in to listen
and sit in from time to time. You are always guaranteed an amazing show when you hear
them perform.

In addition to touring nationally and playing private corporate events, the band plays
extensively on Lower Broadway to sold out houses at The Tin Roof, The Stage,
Legend’s, Tequila Cowboy, and The Second Fiddle. Their shows feature a continuous
flow of celebrity guests including Eric Church, Terri Clark, Stevie Wonder’s Band,
Lynard Skynard,The Real Housewives of New York and Krista Lynn Meadow.

In March 2015 they signed a recording contract with Foremost Records. Their  
first single and video “Lower Broadway (Down On The Strip)” releases to radio June 1,
2015. Foremost’s Production, Marketing & Promotion Team credits include: Toby
Keith, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, JoDeeMessina, B. J. Thomas, LeeAnn
Rimes, Merle Haggard, Terri Clarke, Kix Brooks, Keith Whitley,Brandy Clark, Sam &
Dave, The Grassroots, Mary Wells and Lou Christie.

Check out their music videos on YouTube by searching ‘Lower Broadway Band’ and
visit the band’s Facebook page to see their upcoming show dates!

1222 16th Ave S Ste. 11, Nashville, TN  37212
Phone: 615-479 -7917 Text: 615-479-7917

Monday, July 27, 2015

Indie Ville TV #48 Where Love and Music Intersect: A Look at Love with Jaime Pierce

Written by K.L. Graham                                    

“We’re both fully capable of being the lead, we’re just sharing it together.” –Jaime Pierce

Tony and Jaime Pierce had their Cinderella moment while they were working at a dance hall in Texas. “I was bar tending and doing a little bit of singing and he joined the band as lead guitar in 2009.” But their love story goes farther than a look across the bar from a hot blonde to a great guitar player… behind this familiar scene, was something very real.  “I was getting out of a bad relationship and we would spend hours at IHOP after work talking. He just kind of swept me off my feet. He’s got the biggest heart.”

From being friends and getting to know each other, Tony and Jaime took the wild ride of moving to
Nashville and getting married, all while Tony was still on tour with country superstar Dustin Lynch.
“January  1st 2012 we got married. The first week out of marriage we were out on Dustin’s tour bus.”

And as glamorous as the Cowboys and Angels tour had been, something was missing. Tony and Jaime were missing each other, and they were missing music of their own.  So a year later in January of 2013, Pierce Avenue was born.

As for working together Jaime says that “It’s not a facade, we really are best friends. If I’m ever nervous or I don’t feel good, if I look at him and he just knows. He helps me believe in myself even more than I do, there’s so many times when we’re writing or we’re working out parts and he says ‘Yes you can, I know you can.’ And we’ll get it done. I’m a pretty shy person and Tony really helps me put myself out there. Tony’s not shy at all.” But that doesn’t mean that being a working team is easy, new to co writing the two often joke:  “We might sound like we’re getting a divorce but we’re going to be fine.” Their love is here to stay, even if it takes an argument or two to write the perfect song.

Musically, Tony and Jaime are more of a throwback to the country music of the 1980’s and 1990’s, a
time when country songs were about life, and had a more discernible sound. With role models like Patsy Cline, Reba, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood for Jaime and Keith Urban, Vince Gill, and Steve Warner as Tony’s favorites, it’s no wonder that Pierce Avenue shies away from the modern pop of “bro country.” But for Tony and Jaime, they just want to make music the way it feels right. “We’re not trying to sound a certain way, it’s just really what comes out. That’s just what we’re about, just being ourselves.”

 In a world where country music has become indefinable, Tony and Jaime, are making the music that
feels true to their music, and for each other. For now, Pierce Avenue is writing and working on their new music, and getting excited for what’s to come in the following year. “There’s some other stuff coming later next year. We’re pretty excited!”

“What we’re doing; it makes us happy.”

To hear the music of this real life marriage, including “Take It to The House” and “Shut up” just go to Here you can also find links to their social media sites, upcoming show dates, and a moving country cover of John Legend’s “All of Me.”.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Indie Ville TV #47 Jet Black Orchid- The Virile Force Behind Indieville’s Theme Song

Written by -K. L. Graham

In ancient Greece, the orchid was a symbol of virility. With the swagger of their long locks and 
bell bottomed flares the Brittany brothers  of Jet Black Orchid ooze 70’s inspired virility indeed.  
Not only do their outfits come straight of the psychedelic age but so do their namesakes. Rio is 
on guitar, Jagger on drums, and Gunnar with lead vocals and sensational bass.

Not only do they pass as punk rock virile, they represent some very cool early rock n’ roll just by their birth names. I got the chance to ask Gunnar if he felt they were destined for musical 
stardom and his answer was right on the money. “Yea I think so. I think definitely so. The three 
of us are brothers so I think when they (their parents) named us, that’s something they had in 
mind.  Our names have definitely set us apart and if it wasn’t music, it was definitely going to be
something in the entertainment business. 

If you look at their Reverb page or you’ll see that a huge influence was the 
one who petitioned for those fabulous himself, the guys’ dad. It’s not uncommon for young 
musicians to steal some records from the Pop’s collection, but starting out with The Rolling 
Stones, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin is always a step in the right direction.

Jet Black Orchid doesn’t wanted to penned in though just as a garage rock band. “I guess we like 
to consider ourselves a rock blues and funk and a little bit of soul mix. James Brown was also a 
big influence. Rock and blues base with a little funk and blues. And naturally being younger we 
draw in more modern influences, and have a little bit of a more modern flare.”

Of course the emphasis is on flare, and even though they may remind you of Nashville favorites 
The Black Keys or The Kills’ poised psychedelics, that’s good company to be in on the global 
scale. But don’t let their potential for main stream awesomeness fool you, these guys are the real 
deal, even down to Gunnar’s base. If you dig deep enough into the reaches of youtube, you will 
find Gunnar playing a Paul McCartney style violin bass. “I use it from time to time. When we 
were out in LA I got a new bass and that’s what I use now.”

Not only do they keep it unique with their personas and gear, the video for “Na Na Na” (which 
happens to be Indie Ville TV’s theme song) has the guys jumping around in milk carton masks.  
Somehow Jet Black Orchid are fusing originality and punk rock personalities, with their smooth, 
sultry rock tunes.  And it’s no wonder the band’s sound is so polished, it would be after spending
their early years in dive bars and clubs of Kentucky. 

“In Louisville we’ve definitely seen even in the years we’ve been playing, the music scene has 
definitely grown. Playing in the scene we were like 15-16 playing in different bars, we’ve def 
seen a lot of fights. For us we’ve found that kind of scene, the grittier scene gave us a chance to 
kind of cut our teeth and what we found is rehearsing is one thing but actually playing… what 
works in rehearsal doesn’t always work live. That was really invaluable to us especially in that 
gritty bar environment. It gives you a chance to make mistakes. We’ve played for a bunch of bikers and it wasn’t really a forgiving scene.” 

From humble club beginnings the guys eventually recorded an album here in Nashville in 2014. 
“It was a home studio with a friend of ours who is a country artist. The past decade he’s been 
building it. We knew him from years back and he gave us cart blanche in the studio and let us 
record. It took us a month or two to track everything in his studio, and it was actually funny for 
payment, he had a couple shows, so we moonlighted as a country band.”

Now that’s dedication.  What they tracked turned out to be huge potential hits. “Na Na Na” is 
Indieville’s favorite, “Curious Creature,” is the front man’s own (“For me as a performer it’s a 
really fun one to do”), but I think the stand out song on the self titled album is for sure “Fever.”

Not only have the men of Jet Black Orchid have some heavy hitters for your playlist, they have a 
Southwest-West tour under their belt.  “We saw a few things. We stopped on cool places along 
the way.” Some of those places including the historic Kibitz Room and The Mint.  “The Kibitz 
Room, it’s been around from the 1930’s. That place was cool, it was a small place but has got a 
lot of history. We walked in, handed the bartender a cd, and got the date later that day.” 

Talk about Rock N’ Roll. These guys have confidence, and some major candor. True musicians 
at heart they played a show on the Santa Monica Pier for passersby. “We went and set up there a 
couple days in a row. We basically built a dolly and played for the people walking  . It was a lot of fun.”

Jet Black Orchid’s shows often turn into parties. From Albany to Southern California, these 
Kentucky boys bring a show, and new music. “During our most recent tour out west we wrote a 
lot of new songs, so coming up soon we plan to start releasing a few new eps with our new music on them.”

As for success Gunnar says the goal is to “Just get as successful as we can. What we aim to do as a living and everything and not put any sort of limit on it and just go as far as we can. That’s the agreement.”

We hope the agreement includes a Nashville show here in the fall and some new music, along 
with their self titled “Jet Black Orchid” at the merch stand.

For now, you can find more of their music on all of the usual sites. Reverb, Facebook, Instagram 
and Twitter @JetBlackOrchid, and of course for all the latest

Monday, July 13, 2015

Indie Ville TV #46 The Outstanding David Perez

Written by Curtis Gardner

What were first memories of music growing up?

David: My first memories growing up in music was listening to old 45's I found in my parents attic The Beatles, Neil Diamond, The Commodores, Andre Crouch, CCR, The Animals, ect.. You name it man I was listening to it. I used to put on the music when my parents left to go some where and act like I was in concert while listening to U2 War or Resurrection Band from Chicago. I was heavily involved in music as a child soloist at a young age as well. The stage was something I never shyed away from ever!!  

Did you come from a music affluent family? If so what instruments our genres of music did they do?

David:No I was primarily the only one in the family that was in Music. My Mom used to yodle and my sisters were in theater. My Dad was a great dancer and loved music. I spent a lot of time alone listening to Rock & Roll and Urban Gospel 

Who were you musical influences?

David: First of all I must say that My biggest Influence is Jesus Christ and God's word has brought me to the point of success in songwriting that I now enjoy. Also My Stepson Steven and Tim Whittington, and my children Kristina and Anthony.  I grew up digging through my parents vinyl at a young age. I also was the youngest of 9  children and alone listening to classic rock on the radio by myself. The collection my parents had was a mix of Andre Crouch, The Animals, Neil Diamond, CCR, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and all of my Dad and Moms 

Be Bop stuff . My sister Catalina  on the other hand was  listening to U2, Triumph, Genesis,Toto, etc.. And my Sister Nancy was more into Air Supply, David Meece, Carmen, Elvis and a lot of the Christian music.
Then there was my brother Santos which came Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Van Halen and Judas Priest. So you can see where I have the ability to write so many styles being bathed in the melting pot of  a musical 

blender!!! I spent my days listening to Stevie Wonder, Chili Peppers,Rush, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, Ozzy,Iron Maiden, Michael W. Smith, Pink Floyd, Petra, Stryper, Rez Band. Staind, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Green Day 
and Collective Soul.

When did you first begin to get into music? When did know you wanted to take it to a professional level?
DavidWhen I was young I was in a group called CMI founded by Thurlow Spurr which is a Gospel Legend  "In this instance, "legendary" is the perfect word to describe Thurlow Spurr. Because when one person can lay claim to a resume of producing and directing over 20,000 live shows in 50 years; the production of over 100 audio and video recordings and command performances for four U.S. Presidents, it becomes quite clear the incredible 
impact Thurlow Spurr has made on the gospel music industry." Which is taken from his Biography that can be found here at
I was a child soloist and performed Neil Diamonds "Coming To America" and many other songs as we performed to sold out venues such as The Fox Theater in Detroit Michigan, The Masonic Temple in Toledo, Ohio, The Pioneer High school in Ann Arbor, Michigan and The Whiting Auditorium in Flint, Mi.

When did know you wanted to take it to a professional level? 

David: I was in a band called "33ad" in Atlanta, Ga. Which set me in front of huge crowds and landed us at a festival Six Flags Over Georgia where I rubbed elbows and opened up for many great bands including but not limiting: New song, Audio Adrenalin, Out Of The Grey, Anointed, Jaci Velasquez, Michael English, Carmen and one of my huge influences Petra. We also opened for Skillet on many occasions in 1997-98. This all set the stage for future success in music with all the great connections I had made. But I would have to say the time I spent with Bill Turpin the father of Will Turpin " Collective Soul" proved to be a major learning experience in writing that 
helped me mold my craft and for that I am forever grateful!! He spent time marking up my lyrics with a red pen and then showed me a bit of the ropes. But I must say that if it was not for my Lord And Savior Jesus Christ 
none of this would have been possible. So God made a way for me in Music and I knew at that point I wanted to do nothing more than be a professional musician.

Where does the core of your love for music come from?

David:My core love of music comes from the inside center of my soul, it is something not learned but felt and true. It comes from pure honesty within my pain, love, fear and power over fear.

Has there been any life changing experiences that have helped mold you into the artist you are today? 

David: Yes there have been many experiences that have molded me into the person and songwriter I am. I have lost two brothers, been through two marriages and now happy as ever with my wife and two step Children. I over came a drug addiction that nearly took my life and have written about all of it.

Talk about your current music project. How did it start?  

David: Finished working with a producer named Marshall Block from Fenton Michigan. We recorded my first single for my  5 track CD David Perez "The Jerusalem Project" It was a dream come true to work with 
Marshall Block as he is not only a great producer that has been involved with Grammy winning productions but also works with some of the best in the business. It was a magical session which included the song I wrote 
"Angel My Love" and David Winans 11,  from the Legendary Gospel Family "The Winans", Marq Andrew Speck from the 11 time Detroit Music Award winning band "Sweet Crystal" and awesome support of my wife,I  and kids. This recording stirred the pot and gave me the credibility that I needed to move forward as a serious solo artist on the rise!! 

And what inspired the music behind the title?

The Title "The Jerusalem Project" comes from the belief that Jerusalem is the center of where Christianity was started. This is a deep Gospel/Rock project that is deep from the heart of my soul searching and belief in God. It seemed fitting that I tied that in with where it is said to have begun.

What has been the fan response thus far from it?

David: As I play my music out I always seem to get a great response, The Industry seems to ignore it and as far as fans I am still trying to build that fan base. I have not heard to many negative responses thus far but have had some haters on the Christian music because of beliefs. I never shove my beliefs toward anyone though. I'm about Love and Peace and letting others make their own choice, not my place. I have always had great response to my material with Livid and my band from Atlanta, GA. in 98 had a great following. So I would conclude that my fan response has been fairly positive.

Do you have any upcoming shows in the works? Yes

If so where and when?
David: Jim Oliver's Smokehouse 
Saturday, July  @ 6:30 PM Jim Oliver's Smokehouse, 850 W Main St, Monteagle
with Nolan Neal Singer Songwriter Round

Jim Oliver's Smokehouse 
Saturday, August 1 @ 6:30 PM Jim Oliver's Smokehouse, 850 W Main St, Monteagle
Singer Songwriter Round

Sunday, August 16 @ 1:30 PM St. Johns City Park / Clinton County Fairground, 100 E. State Street Ste. G-100 Saint Johns, MI 48879, St Johns Celebrate over 100 years of mint farming in Clinton County with arts & crafts, a flea market, food concessions, a parade, five sports tournaments, mint farm tours, free entertainment and new & old cars. A highlight of the festival is activities for kids including Kids World all weekend long and Kids Day on Sunday with exotic animals, games & contestall for 25 each. Call the Chamber for more details at (989) 224-7248.

Jim Oliver's Smokehouse 
Saturday, August 22 @ 6:30 PM Jim Oliver's Smokehouse, 850 W Main St, Monteagle
Singer Songwriter Round

David Perez Singer Songwriter Round at The Commodore Grille
Monday, August 24 @ 9:30 PM The Commodore Grille, 2613 West End Ave , Nashville, TN 37203

How can people keep in touch of you and you music online?

David: You can check out the following links on facebook, twitter,reverbnation, my webpage, Soundcloud, youtube, Instagram, Myspace and at my record label webpage

Any last words before we end the interview?

David: I just wanted to thank Indie Ville TV for inviting me to your fantastic show. Lizzie Miller thank you for believing in my music and making this possible along with Curtis. I have a new album that I am working on writing right now that will be more towards my Rock roots and it will be worth the wait for sure!! God Bless you all and Peace and Love always. You can always email me at and if you would like me to do an acoustic or full band concert let me know and we can talk. Thank you again.