Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Indie Ville TV #135 Stephcynie's: Mr. Edwards

Written by: K. L. Graham


Stephcynie, a singer with a face full of sunshine and a career full of promise has just released her Ep "Mr. Edwards."

The title track and Ep is based on the life and inspiration of her grandfather.

One of the best parts of the Ep for is "To just share the memory of my grandfather. That's kind of my favorite thing about it."

Stephcynie says "I don't remember anytime where I didn't love music or sing."

On her move to Nashville the Houston native says "I was living in New York prior to this."

"I'm a woman of faith and I really felt strongly about moving to Nashville; I came to visit and things just fell into place place super quickly."

Since then, Stephcynie has been playing out on her own and with friends (We chatted after a rehearsal) and the busy singer just performed at SXSW.

"I sold out of all my merch!" She squealed.

Stephcynie has a lot to be excited about. Meeting new fans and colleagues at SXSW was a huge opportunity for her, and with her sweet nostalgic Ep she's also ready ready to take on new, darker material.

"Most people just know the sweet, happy me, and that is me 90% of the time but I am human, and there's other dynamics."

To find out more about the dynamics of Stephcynie's work you can visit You can also find her music on all the usual places, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Indie Ville TV #134 Luke Thrasher: Full time tattoo-er/ Full Time Intergalactic Superstar

Written by K.L.Graham            


Luke Thrasher, a local tattoo artist and the lead singer of the band Metal Foot is here to thrash your face off in a celebratory ceremony...but you'll have to either stop by the shop or one of Metal Foot's shows to see exactly what all the fuss is about.

Thrasher, although not related to the Thrasher tour bus company, has an equally interesting history.

"I'm from Broome County New York in a small town called Vestal..."

"I kinda bounced around for 8 years, I was in between Denver and North Carolina. My buddy lived in Nashville, I opened up a tattoo shop and kind of made it home."

Thrasher even helped run CafĂ© Coco.

An accomplished ring leader, Thrasher, a full time tattoo artist opened up Thrasher Inq. "A private VIP custom tattoo shop." He says "We're really the only one in Nashville that does it like that like that."

"I'm one of the three (tattoo shops) that have a 5 star rating in Nashville. We have a closed door policy. I don't do walk-ins.  There's no interruptions when I'm tattooing somebody, that kind of makes me different."

And then, there's the band.

"Metal Foot is an intergalactic inter-dimensional parody rap/rock group."

I asked him if he's a big fan of aliens and UFOs (I myself am completely addicted to the TV show "Ancient Aliens." But alas, he says he's not a UFO fan like me.)

Instead he says, "No, no, our band's just from a different dimension."

Onstage, Luke dissolves and "The Puppet Master" appears, an other worldly deity that is 400,000 years old with a band from another realm who are disguised as pop culture icons.

"When we're on stage you're sitting there looking at Black and White Jesus, a Carebear etc."


"Whodathunk" is the bands new album.

Thrasher says though "My favorite track is 'It's just a puppet show.'"

You can watch "It's Just a Puppet Show" on Youtube.

Thrasher and the guys...errr creatures...err your favorite pop icons...or whatever magic happens on stage, well, they're exited for releasing the song "Drugs."

Thrasher says, the bad is "Anti-hardcore drug addiction but instead is about the sacred use of drugs and universal respect."

"We teach not to be addicted...We just kinda church in the bar."

"You've never heard of anything like this before."

When asked if there were any other things he wanted to add, Thrasher or The Puppet Master, I'm not exactly sure which one I was speaking to at this part of the conversation, said that he wanted to leave you with these gems:

"It's very important for people to know that they were born free and no one has the right to take that away from them."

"The squatty potty is  a new technology that came out, most American's need one."

And with a flash, the bright wisdom of Luke Thrasher/The Puppet Master leader of the Band called Metal Foot/genius tattoo artist was gone.