Sunday, February 21, 2016

Indie Ville TV #79 Cory B. Clay the Fantastic Visual Storyteller and his Team of Video Production Wonders: The Jukebox Romeos

Written by K. L Graham

To be clear, Cory B. Clay’s The Jukebox Romeos is a video production team, specializing in all sorts of music content and even feature films. But the marriage between music and film is elegantly weaved through all of his work.

“It’s all in our slogan ‘We See Music.’ It’s all in that line. I live my life on two stages, either on set or on a musical stage. Any day I spend on one of those is a good day. It always puts a smile on my face when people ask me if that’s my band. We make visual music.”

Visual Music.

Sounds amazing right? And The Jukebox Romeos have tons to share with you.   “Currently our new photography studio that’s in Cannery Row, we are filling up our book with clients over there. I am working on a slate of feature films with a partner out of Chicago Illinois… I’m working on a commercial project in Los Angeles for the medical industry. I am in also in developing a project with Youtube and with my partners at Live Alliance for some live music content at SXSW in Austin this year.”

Not only is getting ready for SXSW but Cory’s company has produced music videos for greats like Kid Rock, Gretchen Wilson and Big Smo among others.

“Director of Photographer means I direct the photography.  In a perfect scenario, if you turn off the sound if you are only left with the images, the DP (Director of photography) is in charge of telling the story visually that you are experiencing, that you are enjoying.”

And enjoy you will. Between his luscious portraits and artistic “motion photography” Cory’s work is something to watch.  Cory says what he loves most about film is “That it is a natural progression and culmination of all of the fine arts.” That said, music has always been wrapped up and around his filming endeavors.

“One of the more inspiring film experience I ever had in 1994 was seeing Pink Floyd in concert and the film that had been created to go along with the song ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’ live and in the moment, really inspiring. Both the content and the experiment of marrying that visual and the sound of the band performing live. Absolutely one of the more pivotal experiences that made me want to pursue film school and ultimately made me create The Juke box Romeos. There was a time in my life where my two passions were at war with one another until I realized I was unnecessarily pitting them against one another when really it was my destiny to fuse them together. The Jukebox Romeos are just that. I think it was something I was born to do.”

Quoting Jerry Garcia and Marcel Proust, Cory explains how he “pre-visualizes” his projects, only to go back in the moment and try things with totally differently eyes, often changing point of view.  By playing with concepts and turning his pre-conceived notions topsy-turvy Clay says “I find that to be enjoyable. It keeps things fresh.”

“For me cinematography is very similar to music, because it is a visual language where I see a very strong parallel…For me, that’s a given, that music and film are never mutually exclusive.” 

Cory’s team that makes up The Jukebox Romeos is imperative to the company’s success.  

He says “There is a reason why Ringo Starr was the only drummer for the Beatles.  It’s the same reason Thelma Schoonmaker is the only editor for Martin Scorsese.”

Luckily for his client’s Cory doesn’t play favorites when it comes to genre “I like it all. I enjoy rock, country, hip hop, pop, country/pop, indie rock… I mean ya know I wish someone would hire me to do a jazz/classical music video. The satisfaction of attempting something like that would be so extraordinary.”
Like Robert Redford before him, Cory has always found that jazz music played an integral part in his artistic upbringing and vision, but it is country music that has brought him an influx of clients, friends and accolades. 

Clay can’t be pinned down to just one city though. A graduate of Webster University in St Louis and UCLA extensive program, he says “I’m a gypsy after three weeks in any one place I start to get the itch a little bit. Travel and changing the backdrop inspires me. I think Nashville has a lot to offer and that fusion of the simplicity of a smaller town and the rewards of cultural complexity that comes with a bigger city.”

Cory B. Clay and his Jukebox Romeo’s “are principally based out of LA but I live and work in Nashville since 2011.” As big city as he may seem, Clay is originally from Mark Twain’s small hometown of Hannibal Missouri.

Referring to Mark Twain, Clay explains “Kurt Vonnegant once said ‘We all descend from the pen of one master.’ He was the first truly American voice in literature. It’s often been said he attempted to write in the way that Americans spoke.”

It would seem that Mr. Clay and his company extend that tradition with their slogan “We See Music.” The American voice, the music, the sound, is ever changing.  Akin to that of the famed voyage of two boys travelling through America’s waters, and through the eyes of The Jukebox Romeo’s delightful gaze on the upcoming musician’s of the world, we get to see that too.

To see more of Cory B. Clay’s take on American music and visual media, and to find about more about Cory, The Jukebox Romeos and even his band Cory B. Clay and The Twains just visit: 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Indie Ville TV #78 Swedish Sensation Jamie Meyer has all of us “Gone Crazy”

Written by K.L. Graham

Hailing from Sweden, home of Max Martin and Dr. Luke it’s no wonder that Jamie Meyer’s soft 
country sound is pumped up with infectious hints of bubbly pop music. 

 In person, Jamie is soft spoken and effortlessly cool, the kind of guy you just want to get to 
know, and luckily with his new EP “Gone Crazy” and songs like “There’s Only Plan A” you can.

Originally from Hising Island Sweden, Jamie first came to America in 2001. “The first time my 
feet touched American soil is a moment I’ll never forget.” Another favorite moment of Jamie’s is 
“When I waved my Grandpa goodbye for the last time at the nursing home in my little town in 
Sweden. We had some good final moments.”

It’s clear in both his music and person, Meyer, although steely eyed and chic-ly clad is an 
effervescent sweetheart. 

But don’t let his tender side fool you, Jamie’s epic guitar skills and hard work have won him 
Best Singer/Songwriter at the L.A. Music Awards in Hollywood. He was also a Music Awards 
Nominee for Best Country Song and Best New Artist in Sweden.  Meyer has also toured with 
Westlife, and Lady Antellbellum on their Own The Night Tour. Jamie has even shared festival 
stages with Rascal Flatts, LeAnne Rimes, and Dwight Yoakam.

With accolades and huge names like that, along with not one but four performances at the 
BlueBird CafĂ©, it’s clear America, and country music have welcomed Jamie to the scene with 
open arms.

According to Jamie it’s “The Sound, the storytelling, the legacy” of country/pop music that drew 
him to it, and the US.  It’s clear with songs like “Gone Crazy” and “Can’t Stop Now” he’s 
destined for Music City’s bright spotlight.

Still working as an independent musician…Jamie’s favorite part: “I get to pick the track list on 
the album.” His commitment to his music and message is powerful.  “I'm about to release a new 
video of a song called "Holy Ground To Me" and it's speaking about where I'm from and the 
people who have had a huge impact in my life.”

Part rock, part sweetheart, all country, whether Jamie Meyer is singing “Think About Leavin’” 
or using one of his favorite Swedish swear words “Fan” (Go ahead google it!) this multi-cultural, 
multi-talented artist is one you need to add to your musical collection.

To learn more about Jamie’s music check him out at and on twitter @jamiemeyermusic