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Indie Ville TV #72 The Rivalry- The Guys Give Us The Scoop on The Rivalry’s New EP

Written -K.L. Graham                                      

The Rivalry made up of Adam Carson on vocals, Andrew Jones, on guitar, Jesse Blankenship, on Bass, Keegan Kelly on drums and Billy Herchenbach on guitar is an ambient groove rock band right here out of Nashville.

But just what is ambient groove rock you ask?

Luckily Adam Carson, lead singer and Keegan Kelly, the drummer of the Rivalry took some time to clarify about the genre, the guys in the band, and their awesome new EP out of BlackBird Studios.

According to drummer Keegan “Ambient Groove Rock to us is: We take the ambiance
of a lot of delay with guitar: Andrew is kind of prone to that over the past few years. I guess the groove, our base player is really into funky sounding base lines, really hard hitting. I guess the rock is pretty self explanatory.”

As for their favorite song on the new EP the band seems to be in agreement that their favorite song to
perform is “The Good View.” Keegan added that not only has it got the band’s favorite status, that “It’s our newest song we’re performing live.”

There’s not only new music coming from the band, but also new relationships! Andrew, the band’s
guitar player has just recently gotten married. Luckily relationships don’t affect the band’s productivity. Adam says “We’ve all been pretty dedicated.” He describes Andrew’s wife as “lovely” and he also said “I’m currently dating someone who’s been the muse for two songs, so far it’s all been positive.”

Adam didn’t say which songs were inspired by his lady love, but you can listen to the EP and take a guess for yourself.

Whether or not it’s about someone in real life, the song that really captures an ambient but fierce sort
of love is ‘Josephine’s Ghost.’ Its haunting and lovelorn with a lot of rock and perhaps just a slight nod to Sublime. It’s definitely a song to add to your new playlist or catch at one of The Rivalry’s live shows.

Speaking of shows and local Nashville hotspot, when asked about favorite Nashville venues, Keegan says “Venues we’ve played already, my favorite so far would be a toss up between The End and The East Room.” Adam adds “It (The End) was where we played our first show…we will be playing there again on the 29th.”

Not only have The End and The East Room been influential spots for the band, The Rivalry has been in the studio with Austin Seltzer at BlackBird Studios, a place that has brought for their new EP set to come in December or January of 2016. On creating at Blackbird, Keegan says “A really big highlight for me personally I guess I really enjoyed having the freedom to kinda play around with the set up they provided for me. They were very easy to work with. There was no pushing, no feeling of being rushed.” He went on to say that “The Engineers... They couldn’t have been better. The other thing just the equipment that was at our disposal was ridiculous.”

Adam added “I’d have to say the pedigree of the building itself, so many magical performances have
been captured in that place.” Adam also said of working on the new music “This is a dream come true really.”

Adam, lead singer and newest to Nashville explains “I was the latest edition, all these guys kinda have known each other. I came from New Jersey about three years ago. Joel Roderick, he was running an open mic and that’s where I met Keegan...”

The magic and the music with all of the guys stemmed from there and has culminated in the form of
their collective sound and the new EP.

Not only is teasing the new EP (see more at, but the band has also been causing quite a stir on 102.9 The Buzz with their song “Rise.”

With songs like “Rise” it’s no wonder that The Rivalry is catching the ears of radio folk and underground listener alike.

To find out more about the men of The Rivalry, you can see them on Instagram: @therivalryofficial,
Twitter: @TheRivalryTN, at Reverb: @Rivalryseven and of course on their hot facebook homepage

And of course, don’t forget to catch them at their next live show on Nov. 29th at The End where the guys of The Rivalry will be playing along with Ravenhill, Yesteryear, and Well Wisher.  Spoiler Alert: They will be debuting their favorite new song “The Good Year” for the first time at the Nov 29th show! Don’t miss it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Indie Ville TV #71 The Band Summertime

Written Curtis Gardner
How did the group come together? Did any of you know each other prior to joining the group?

NG: Summertime started off as my side project. I (Nathan Goodlet, vocals, guitar) always wanted to
make pop punk and after graduating college I decided to move to Nashville, Tn to make that happen. I didn’t know a lot of people until I started going to a small bible study group. I was speaking one night and talked about a camp back in Florida I worked for. Afterwards Keith Perez (now bassist) came up and told me that he used to attend that same camp as a kid. We became friends and started playing for a pop artist named Cappa. About a year after playing together with Cappa, we met Matt Dougan (now drummers) through a mutual friend because Matt was interested in playing for Cappa. I had a friend booking a show for a touring band and asked if I could have a band together in a month for a show so I asked Keith and Matt to join me and we’ve been playing together ever since.

How did Summertime get their stage name?

NG: The name Summertime came from a song by a group called Mae.

What is the group musical influences? What artist(s) Do you draw the most influence from?

NG: We all have different types of music that we enjoy listening to. Keith loves riff based rock like
Muse and Mutemath but his favorite band is The Chariot, Matt always try to get me to listen to stuff
like Chris Brown and I tell him no. Matt also shares my love of pop punk though too. So when I went into the studio with producer Josiah Prince of Disciple I told him I was looking for that The Starting
Line sound. An early 2000s pop punk emo vibe. While in the studio Josiah and I would discuss Blink
182, Further Seems Forever and his former band Philmont. I’ve been drawing a lot from Mxpx, New
Found Glory and hitting up some of these newer acts like The Story So Far, Neck Deep, and Real

Do u remember your first gig? If so, what's was that performance like?

NG: Our first gig was horrible. It was at a dive bar in Nashville called Daisy Duke’s. You walk in and the first thing you notice is the giant zombie painting behind the stage which you later learn is the undead version of Daisy the bartender. We were the only local band so they put us last. We kept
telling them “We only have three songs!” but they put us as the headliner anyways. As soon as we
started my guitar cable decided to short out and when I went to put a new one in I forgot to plug it into the amp. It was stressful to say the least. We played our three songs and were like “well that’s

What's the process like of creating music in the studio?

NG: I had it super easy recording with Josiah. I sent him acoustic versions and by the time I got to his studio he had fully produced tracks that I was more than pleased with. So it was super easy. I just got
there laid down vocals and we tweaked a few things but it was really quick.

What is the group current plans? Are you pushing any new music or have any new shows coming

NG: I am currently writing for a new full length album. Keith and I are still playing for Cappa and she is blowing up so that is taking a lot of our time and focus but I am still writing when I can. We have been playing some new songs as well as a cover song by Acceptance at our shows. I hope to have a new song recorded and a music video done by the end of the year. Nashville friends can see us at Rocketown December 18th.

Outside of music what else do you enjoy? What are your hobbies or interests?

NG: Matt is a health nut and always working out and eating healthy. I’m sure Keith has hobbies out of music but that kid is always working on some kind of music. Whether he is producing other artists
albums, creating music for a new video game app called “Death Kitty,” or working on a score for a
movie he can usually be found in his studio. I work at the YMCA and it takes up all my free time but
every Sunday I love to meet up with a group of friends and play baseball.

What advice would you give a band coming up?

NG: Just keep playing. Never think of yourself higher than you ought. I played with a band back in
Florida and I got such a big head because I thought we were so cool. Just play what you love and love what you play. If we wanted to be rich and famous we probably wouldn’t be playing pop punk.

How can we find Summertime online?

NG: You can go to and there are links to all forms of social media. We
have it all: Facebook, ReverbNation, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, you name it.

Any final words or shout outs?

NG: Check out our album for free at

Indie Ville TV #70 Jenni Alpert: “Until Then"

Written by -K.L.Graham

Jenni Alpert is a fabulous singer songwriter. Travelling around the globe performing, and recording as she goes Jenni lets her sultry sound do the talking.  In describing her sound Jenni says “I am a singer songwriter. Soul, folk, jazz, pop, and world music are all undercurrents of influence, so: Soul-Americana singer- songwriter may be a fitting description for today. But really, to me it's just music - and I hope "Does this make me feel?" Is more the defining point.”

“Does this make me feel?” is a question she answers not only with her music, but with her life story.
Adopted at the age of four, Jenni spent her beginning moments in foster homes, a journey that helped
prepare her for a life as a travelling musician.  Ms. Alpert has self-funded her world tour, an
accomplishment she is very proud of.

“I tour regardless of security because I truly believe that music effects the brain, stimulates, heals, evokes change, and connects people and to me that these are some of the greatest reasons to perform music and valuable purposes to fulfill. If people feel something when I sing and that feeling and thought does something better for their life, my purpose has been met.”

Her purpose with songs like “Heaven” and her work on “Until Then” is clear, to find and spread love with her music.

What is so wonderful about Ms. Alpert’s work, along with her new music, and European tour, which she is currently on now, has been her fearlessness state side and abroad with her many different avenues of production, performance, and pressed records.

One of Jenni’s albums “Shining Light,” was released by Cappuccino Records in Italy on vinyl.  Vinyl has made a huge comeback with collectible records, and record players being coveted by thrifters, music lovers, and shoppers around the globe.

When asked what the pros and cons were to putting out a vinyl record, Jenni says “I haven't found a con about offering an album pressed to vinyl yet. Even people who don't have record players come up after shows and request one. That's pretty cool.”

Not only has been brave with her physical recordings, Jenni has also been featured live on Sirius’s
coffeehouse XM Radio which will be released later in November.  She also was part of a PBS live
recording at the famous Sun Studios.

“Recording at Sun Studios in Memphis was a real mark in the development of my musical journey and recording experiences because it was in that studio where we were reminded that the live, bare, and raw in the moment could leave a certain kind of sonic mark - honest and true with no molding to do.”

Her live performances and subsequent recordings are such a hit because of her jazzy appeal, her talent, and of course her degree from UCLA’s Ethnomusicology Department doesn’t hurt her musical street cred either. From humble beginnings to world renowned singer songwriter, it’s clear that Jenni Alpert has the world at her feet.

To hear “Until Then” released by S Curve records and recorded with Guthrie Trapp “live in one take” from Nashville TN, you can stream the album here:
then and find more about Jenni, her music, and her talented team members throughout her career at

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Indie Ville TV #69 Nicholle Rae- How she’s growing up and coming into her own in the heart of Music City

Written by K. L. Graham                                  

Originally from Arlington TX, country music singer Nicholle Rae only just moved to Nashville to June, but with songs like “Fireball” and “What Do You Want From Me” it’s clear that she is putting her own splash of fire around town, with her new songs, YouTube presence, and Downtown Broadway gigs.

Moving to Nashville and away from her family and native Texas has been a big step both personally and professionally.  Nicholle admits that since moving to Nashville, her music has matured and says“I feel like I’m growing up.”

At just 22, she has been gigging for most of her life, from her early school days to her pageant years.
“Growing up I went to a Catholic school. I was always in the choir.” Choir and her Texas roots led her to a starting career in pageantry. “I did pageants for a while. I always got to sing country…I only mainly did it to have venues to sing at.”  And sing she did, taking home Miss Teen Texas Overall Female Vocalist in 2008 at just 15 years old.

Now, at 22, it’s clear Nicholle is ready to perform on a whole new level. Nicholle says of her saucy new song “Fireball,” “It’s like my baby, like I LOVE that song.” And it’s no wonder, with its great lyrics and come hither vibe, “Fireball” has the all the makings of a Honky Tonky hit.

No stranger to throwing back her favorite whiskey, Nicholle balances her party side with beautiful
ballads (“Lead Me On”) and her volunteer work. “I’m really passionate about volunteering.” Back in
Texas, Nicholle Rae assisted at a school where she worked with children with Down syndrome, and says that if she wasn’t a country music artist she would most likely be a Social Education Teacher.

For now though, Nicholle is focusing solely on her music. Singing at Tootsies and Honky Tonky Central, Rae has been cutting her teeth with the best of them, performing in front of Broadway audiences and working on her songwriting.  Back in Texas, Rae was crafting songs with Tim Angston, collaborating with him on her own songs, and lending her vocals to “Just Getting By” and “Please Forgive Me” among others.

Now in Nashville and on her own, Nicholle is working on new music, and coming into her own. Rae looks up to artists like Christiana Aguilera, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Kacey Musgraves, women who can pack a punch with both their voices and lyrics, so it’s no wonder Rae’s own music is all at once powerful and sweet.

Nicholle has been winning hearts here in Nashville and back home in Texas and is a featured artist of
Today’s Texas Country.

Whether your taste is party songs, or love songs, with her huge voice and sweet personality, Nicholle
Rae has something for you.

To see hear more of her music you can visit as well as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Reverb Nation and ITunes.

Indie Ville TV #68 Salar I can only write what I actually experience

Written by K.L . Graham

When you speak to Salar Rajabnik, it is quite clear you are speaking to an artist. His overwhelming sense of artistry and intelligence is inescapable in a way that you aren’t sure if you are being bombarded by madness, or magic, or both. A self-proclaimed “aspiring polymath” (Follow his Instagram @officialsalar I dare you) Salar clearly knows about much more than just his music.

Salar’s worldly education comes in part from hi bi-cultural upbringing and in part because he is a
‘musician’s musician.’ He’s a guy who can talk about bass tones for hours, and how his U.S. hometown Kansas City was instrumental in the beginnings of jazz, but also is an activist for peace and his own Persian culture. The juxtaposition of being culturally aware but also a rock n’ roller is evident throughout his work.

“So I kinda grew up in Kansas City and Iran…(Kansas) It’s where I started playing music. I moved here to Nashville four years ago.” Rajabnik has also spent time in Atlanta and has performed around the world. When asked about his favorite place to play in the U.S. he says; “In the US it’s so tough, I’m gunna cheat a little bit. I really love playing my hometown (KC), it feels like playing with family.” With hometown pride, and excitement for an upcoming show he gushes about the blues and jazz tradition and the Kansas crowd who have a great sense of arts appreciation. “I get to play for people who really love art.” He goes on to say “I also really love playing in Los Angeles. It kinda feels like another home. It’s like a big hang. People just want to lay low and jam and go to the beach.”

Whether he is playing a show as Minnie Driver’s guitar player in L.A., with his old band MoonAge at
Nashville favorite ‘The Family Wash’, or jamming on his own, it’s clear that Salar’s nomadic life as a musician makes it easy for him to feel at home in cities all over. That said, Salar’s real sense of home and pride comes from his Persian culture. He could give a dissertation on Persian history and the important cultural differences between modern day Iran, and the Persia of old, but in short he explains“Islam arose in Saudia Arabia and spread as far East as China in the 1300s…Fast forward a couple hundred years, it became The Islamic Republic of Iran…I guess you could say re branded, if a country can be re branded.”

No stranger to rebranding, Rajabnik needed a new stage moniker after the breaking up of his last project MoonAge. Salar Rajabnik (although actually quite easy to pronounce Ra-Hab-Nik) can be a mouthful for an audience, and friends assured him “SALAR could be a cool band name or a solo thing.”

So SALAR it is. Losing the last name gives Salar artistic freedom to move from solo act to band, but his heritage remains an important part of his narrative. Rajabnik continued explaining the re branding of his nation, as well as his new work.

“Iran was Persian until fairly recently in history. Persia was never an Islamic Nation. Persians are
ethnically different from Arabic and Turkish people. They’re kinda their own thing.”

Persia was once a place of many different religions living peace. Persians are known for their textiles,
music, and culture, so it’s no wonder Salar is proud of his ancestral home. “Being raised bi-culturally, I consider myself like an activist.” An activist for music, the arts, and peace Salar says: “Persians…they are lovely people.”

When it comes to music, the love of people, and need to outcry against injustice often fuels Salar’s
music. “I hate the ‘P’ word, but some people think my work is political. I’ve got protest songs. At the
same time, I’ve got fun songs.” Salar goes on to say that when it comes to injustice: “It’s your moral
imperative to speak out.”

While still working with MoonAge, Rajabnik penned the song “Killers” while watching the news. The troops were being pulled out of Afghanistan and the devastation of the war enraged the balladeer.

On his new record, “Black and White World” SALAR’s own personal anthem, he says “I want to be

Salar understands the world in which he lives, while at the same time wants a more peaceful, softer,
world. A world where everything isn’t black and white, divided by things like the color of your skin, or the region of the world you hail from. Maybe a world where everyone knows that Harrison is the best Beatle and that Jeff Goldblum is “The North Star of Cool,” a world where people are more focused on a great vibe, and less focused on the labels that are so often imposed on us.

One label we can all look forward to is SALAR’s new album “Black and White World.” Working on Black and White World was an emotional experience for Salar. “What I heard in my head is exactly what I accomplished. I really believe in the message behind the songs. I’m excited to show people what that looks like and what that sounds like. On the album, Salar gives credit where credit is due.

“I have to credit David Wright. We went through a lot personally. The record became like a bonding
point between the two of us.”

SALAR isn’t all history lessons and protest songs. His much anticipated song “In a Little While” is a story within itself. “It’s written from the perspective of a girl that’s had a tough hand dealt to her in life and is still hopeful despite her circumstances.” With this new album, his audience has a lot to look forward to. “Black and White World” will be released in three installments of EPs over the next few months collectively making up one full album. He says of the creation of the album at Cherrybox Studios “You’ll walk into a place and immediately feel inspired. You’re in that place and that place affects you. It was a safe place to create. Cherrybox and David were super crucial to the whole process.”

“Black and White World Vol. 1, 2, & 3” will be released in the Fall. To find out more about SALAR and hear what magic came out of Cherrybox, you can visit