Monday, June 29, 2015

Indie Ville TV #45 Zintrese Altovise and Her Smashing New ZIVA Collection

Written  K.L. Graham

“I believe that Nashville is finally starting to embrace fashion the way it does music.” –Zintrese Altovise Lawson

With a name like “Altovise” it’s no wonder Zintrese is charming the socks off of fashionistas everywhere,  along with all the politicians and little princesses everywhere. Whether she’s going by her French  Moniker, or her birth last name: Lawson, Zintrese is a force to be reckoned with.

At the age of 13, Zintrese made her first party gown. It was a simple blue halter, a color that has
remained a staple in her collections. From that first party dress, Zintrese had given birth to a fashion
movement all her own.

Moving from New Orleans to Nashville, Zintrese hit the fashion scene with her first R.A.W. Artist
Showcase in 2013. Nashville took notice. Zintrese is a huge advocate of R.A.W. having shown her work at  R.A.W. shows in both New Orleans and Nashville.

But don’t peg this woman down to the Southeast region, her collection will be shown Fall 2016 in
Birmingham UK and in Italy later in the season. That is an incredible fall schedule for a relatively new  designer.

Carolina Herrera was also late to the fashion game, but slays nonetheless. Zintrese speaks of her with
admiration, and comaradie, a fellow designer she both looks up to and admires.  And although Ms.
Altovise would love to dress Beyonce because “Who doesn’t want to dress Beyonce?!” , Rhianna, and Julia Roberts “because she exudes classic beauty”, for now she’s styling for some of Nashville’s fashion favorites like models Jill Tedford and Kelsey Lynn Weakland among others.

Not only will she be showing overseas in the Fall, Ms. Altovise will have her ready to wear line ready for the racks, but her heart will always be in her one of kind couture fashion pieces. 

Ms. Altovise’s heart is always in the right place. Not only is she passionate about couture, and natural
fabrics as opposed to synthetics and “polyester blends,” she has a heart for giving back.  Zintrese earned Congressional Recognition for her non-profit work with her summer camp “Master Builder” back home in New Orleans and she is continuing her charity work here in Nashville with her new “Princess Club” an organization benefiting disadvantaged girls. 

Ms. Altovise is all at once the star of the party and woman with the wand, seamlessly creating beautiful gowns and a better world, one stitch at a time.  She is in essence Nashville Fashion’s new Fairy Godmother, sprinkling lace and good deeds everywhere she goes.
We can’t wait to see what her new line ZIVA will bring to our closets, her new non-profits to our hearts, and what she’ll bring next to Nashville’s fashion scene.

To see more of more Zintrese’s work or  to order a custom design you can visit her website,  or browse through her facebook page and
instagram: @zintrese_altovise  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Indie Ville TV #44 Rising Star Kamber Cain

Written by K.L. Graham

Kamber Cain has one of the sweetest, most gentle speaking voices around. So it’s
no wonder the song bird is off to a soaring start with her singing career.  With her
four song EP and two hit music videos this girl is going places, however hesitant
she may seem at first.

Her song, and beautiful new music video entitled “Maybe I Just Might” captures her spirit in as
she dances in formal wear and snuggles up to a hunky country boy in a field.  In the video,
Kamber convinces us that tonight is her night.

According to Kamber her comfort zone is her happy place, but she knows when it’s time to suit
up.  “I usually am comfortable in my comfort zone, but I can push myself. If I can get myself
into the mind frame I can.  I try to challenge myself. Since I’m in southwest Missouri I do real
estate and substitute teach part time but my goal is to do music full time and if I could move to
Nashville full time that would branching out away from everybody and doing my own thing.”
I say this girl needs to change her part time mindset to full on country music stardom, and
Kamber is close.  Cain says of her nomination at the 2015 Indie Ville TV awards for Solo
Female Country artist:  “My ultimate goal is to be on everyday radio station. And play the Grand
Old Opry and all the big stadiums. Indie Ville TV is great about getting our music out there. I
appreciate you all so much because we can’t do it by ourselves.”

Not only has she gotten a nod from us, she’s also gotten an ear from one of this year’s biggest
shows: House of Cards. “That was a long shot that I never thought would happen… Must have
been meant to be.” Cain’s song was chosen through Reverb Nation’s placement company A&P
Music Library.

Kamber may not have a nationwide tour set up just yet, but you can spot her all over Tennessee,
Missouri, and stops along the way playing acoustic sets, singing covers, and enjoying her fans. 
“I’m a crowd interactor. I appreciate the audience being there. I have a lot of fun, I really enjoy
being on stage.”

During CMA place, Kamber was in Nashville and got to play at the famous Douglas Corner. 
“That was really neat. So much musical history it was really neat to play in there.”
As for #Saladgate according to Kamber “I think the radio guy was terrible but in a way he may
have helped things. Because I think people will push now to hear more female artists.” We hope
she’s right, and that our tomatoes, besides just Miranda and Carrie will be sought after more on
both the radio and in our historic venues.

With Kamber’s sweetness, her candor, and her goal of bringing positivity to her fans, we hope
she’s right there with our favorite country girls, rising to the top.
You can find Kamber’s music at Itunes , Reverb Nation, CD Baby, Google PM3 Music,,, and even at Zues Country. #Kamber Cain

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Indie Ville TV #43 Josh Winton And His #Digital Asylum

Written by- K.L. Graham

Josh Winton born in 1979, and living in Manchester Tennessee is an artist. His main weapon of artistic of choice is photo shop, but he also is passionate about his work as a tattoo artist, and being a father. 

When I asked him what would he say if his five year old daughter asked him “What is art?”  He replied  with:

“I would tell her it’s anything that expresses what she enjoys and the real talent she has…Basically just creating something that’s beautiful that you just love. It can be dark or lighter, something that expresses how you feel about things.”

For Winton, the art is always darker. When I probed for deeper meaning in his dark art, he said that in high school he just liked wearing black, and when he started “doing photos” he just strived for that. Dark, just like how he liked it. 

At first, Winton was a little hesitant about divulging his major influences, but with some gentle pressuring, I finally got that an artist he looks up to is Chad Michael Ward, his favorite cult films are Hell Raiser, Evil Dead, and Silent Hill but most of his artistic ideas revolve around the tattoo world.

“I like the dark images, demons and monsters and things with a lot of detail that bring out light.  I really like portraits. Comic book tattoos are something I’d really like to get into. I always read comics when I was younger. I have a ninja mutant turtle tattoo on the back of my leg. Leonardo and Donatello.”

And speaking of comics, besides his interesting Batman variation, one of my favorite of Winton’s pieces is the Lady in the Crown of Thorns. “That one is about the idea of religion and the blood that’s been spilt.” Winton doesn’t believe in making other’s swallow their beliefs, and this is about the dark side to a traditionally religious image, with just a hint of sexy demon eyes.

Winton’s work is raising even our eyebrows. On his recent success as 2015  Indie ville’s TV Awards Best Artist of the year Josh exclaimed that “It was pretty awesome I didn’t expect that.” To Josh, his ultimate dream is to just make money off his art, as I’m sure you Indie ville  TV readers can relate to. And as for advice: the artist says “Just keep practicing, get involved with everybody and what they do. You’re able to teach yourself. I’ve taught myself. Pay close attention to the details. You will eventually evolve into a better artist.”

To find out what a great artist Josh has evolved into, you can find more of his work on Model Mayhem, his favorite haunt of choice: Facebook and you can buy his self published collection of artwork online just  #Digital Asylum. And remember all you young artists out there, “the devil is in the details.”