Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Indie Ville TV #3 Front man Michael Roe of Daisyhead

Written by Cora Bennett

Currently on tour with bands Cove and Nest, Nashville's established punk band Daisyhead is gearing up for a crazy summer. Scratch that, more like a crazy year! Daisyhead, who is signed on with No Sleep Records, has a packed touring schedule and will also be performing at the 10th Anniversary of Bled Fest in May 2014. With thousands of current fans, more fans are jumping on board with each heart-thumping performance. I recently had the privilege of interviewing front man Michael Roe to enlighten fans about their history, as well as their future plans and aspirations. Here is what I got for you!

CB: Where are you and the rest of Daisyhead originally from?
MR: We are all from Nashville. I grew up in Memphis, but Nashville is definitely my home now.

CB: So how did you pick the band name, Daisyhead?
MR: Daisyhead actually came from a Dr. Seuss book.  I used to be in a band called Friends, who at the time had to change their band name because of another band with the same name.  I suggested we look through Dr Seuss books and characters, because I had done that with a past project I did, haha.  We came across the book "Daisy-Head Mayzie", and thought Daisyhead would be a cool name.  I ended up leaving the band, and they became what is now Better Off. When this band formed, I figured WE could use that name since Better Off didn't, and here we are!

CB: How old were you when you started getting involved with music?
MR: My parents had me singing with them in Church and stuff when I was really young, like before the age of ten.  I voluntarily started getting involved when I was around 14.

CB: When did you realize that you wanted to be a singer?
MR: This kind of ties in with the last question..  When my parents were having me sing, I really didn't want to do it. As I got older and got into punk music, I found more and more of a desire to sing and perform.

CB: Do you play any instruments? If so, what is your favorite?
MR: I do, I play guitar for Daisyhead as well.  I definitely want to get into piano once I settle down from touring and have the time.

CB: How long has your band been playing together, and what brought you all together?
MR: Daisyhead has been a band since August of 2012. A couple of buddies of mine wanted to start a rock side project to a hardcore band they were playing in, and asked me to sing for it.  We just started it up for fun, but we got lucky enough for it to catch on.

CB: What message does your band want to convey to its audiences?
MR:  I guess if I were to choose to relay any kind of message to where I can relate with listeners, it would be that no matter how lame life is at any given time, there are others out there who feel the same as you. 

CB: What band or artist inspires you the most?
MR: I am personally very deeply inspired by Yellowcard.  On a musical level, they have never let me down, and I like knowing that a band can still write good music even when they have been at it as long as they have.  Also, they are very nice to their fans, and are super respectful, which is a huge plus.
CB: Did you have a lot of support from family and friends when you became a musician?
MR:  The amount of support I have gotten from my friends in the Memphis and Nashville scenes are the reason I'm able to do what I'm doing.  My family has also been very supportive, for sure.

CB: How have and your band dealt with rejection thus far in your career?
MR: We honestly haven't had to deal with much rejection, but that is mainly because we haven't reached out for anything.  Everything that has happened with us has been offered, and I feel so lucky to be able to say that.  I know we have been submitted for some tours that we didn't get, but we try not to get our hopes up too high and just be thankful for everything that happens, whether we feel we deserve it or not.

CB: What has been Daisyhead's most memorable performance thus far?
MR: I can honestly speak for everyone in saying our most memorable performance was our set at The Balcony Bar in Auburn, Alabama. We did a short run in January with a band called Pillow Talk, and we had an unbooked date.  I posted on a Facebook group asking about a show in AL or GA, and we were directed to this bad-ass dude, Lance.  He set us up immediately... Like literally within 30 minutes of me messaging him on Facebook, we had a show.  The spot is right next to the Auburn campus and it was on a Saturday night, so the show packed out.  The people who worked the bar and the show were all so awesome, and it was definitely the coolest crowd response of that run. Very thankful for that night.

CB: Where is your favorite place in Nashville to perform, and why?
MR: Our favorite place in Nashy is a place called The End. We love the shows we play there, the sound, the atmosphere, and the people.  We've played some really cool shows there with some really cool bands. We feel most at home at that venue.

CB: When can the fans expect an album release?
MR: We just released a split with Have Mercy on No Sleep Records on February 25th, but we will be in the studio recording a full-length by the end of this year!

Be sure to check this band out at www.daisyheadtheband.tumblr.com


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