Sunday, August 23, 2015

Indie Ville TV #56 Phenomenal male model Jordan Clark

Written by Curtis Gardner
What attracted you to modeling?
I wasn't attracted to modeling at all, kinda just fell in my lap.

 How long has this been a career path for you?
It has been exactly 1 year this month

If any,who were your influences?
Nick Bateman and Brock O'Hurn are my biggest inspirations.

Do you remember your first photo shoot and/or fashion show? If so, tell us about that moment.
I was awful. I had no idea what i was doing haha not much else to add to that. Practice makes perfect ;)

 Whats been your proudest/favorite moment thus far?
Booking my first paid gig. I was really just doing this for fun but now I am making money!

What's the easiest and hardest things about modeling?
Easiest has to be just taking pictures....I can do that. Hardest thing is always trying to better myself (physically and mentally)

Which do you prefer ripping the runway or being in magazine spreads?
Magazine Spreads

How would you describe your style?
Jordan Clark, I rock with whatever I got.

What role does music play in modeling? Do u have a favorite artist that you like to listen to when you are getting ready?
Music is always helpful when modeling but I listen to just about everyone. So it doesnt matter what comes on.

Outside of modeling,what are your other interests or hobbies? What other avenues are you wanting to explore?
Love fitness, videos games, food, and any kind of sports

What advice would you give to those that aspire to be models?
If you want it bad enough you can do it. Work as hard as you can everyday to be the best you can be.

How can people stay tuned to you and your work?
Instagram is my most used social media and it is @jordanwclark

Any last words or shout-outs to anyone?
Everyone that has supported me and pushed me through this journey.

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