Thursday, September 3, 2015

Indie Ville TV #59 The new wonder woman of music Fawn Larson

Written by Ryn. R

 Reflecting on one of her first musical experiences in Nashville, Fawn Larson
describes her love of local venue, The Basement, and how it's ambiance and feel
make it"…definitely one of my favorites places to play."

Recently moving from the heart of Cajun country, Larson was surprised at how
easily she felt welcomed and at home in the musical diversity of Nashville with her
indie/Americana/ alt-country vibe.

Her transition to Music City strengthened her bond to her original home state of
Louisiana, prompting her to record her new solo record, The Sway, on her native turf
where her expertise in harmonica, guitar, and fiddle support her engaging vocals
and motivational lyrics.

"Songwriting for me is really personal...I kind of fall into it…It's never been an issue
for me to not finish a song," Larson explains, mentioning how she is driven to
improve herself , her music, and how she connects with her listeners.

Even though writing is very personal to Larson, she is not adverse to sharing her
innermost thoughts and feelings with her audience, many of whom appreciate the
intimacy, positive, and understanding that echo throughout her songs.

Larson is excited that her music has already found a home in film, two of her tracks
being featured in Daniel Zirilli's adaptation of Black Beauty.

Although Larson enjoys recording in the studio she absolutely loves playing gigs,
remarking that "recording is a different kind of satisfaction, but live shows are
where it's at," and happily anticipates her performances here in town.

You can catch her live and local at The Basement on September 13 and then Mercy
Lounge on September 28.

Larson's music can be found on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and her website,

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