Monday, July 27, 2015

Indie Ville TV #48 Where Love and Music Intersect: A Look at Love with Jaime Pierce

Written by K.L. Graham                                    

“We’re both fully capable of being the lead, we’re just sharing it together.” –Jaime Pierce

Tony and Jaime Pierce had their Cinderella moment while they were working at a dance hall in Texas. “I was bar tending and doing a little bit of singing and he joined the band as lead guitar in 2009.” But their love story goes farther than a look across the bar from a hot blonde to a great guitar player… behind this familiar scene, was something very real.  “I was getting out of a bad relationship and we would spend hours at IHOP after work talking. He just kind of swept me off my feet. He’s got the biggest heart.”

From being friends and getting to know each other, Tony and Jaime took the wild ride of moving to
Nashville and getting married, all while Tony was still on tour with country superstar Dustin Lynch.
“January  1st 2012 we got married. The first week out of marriage we were out on Dustin’s tour bus.”

And as glamorous as the Cowboys and Angels tour had been, something was missing. Tony and Jaime were missing each other, and they were missing music of their own.  So a year later in January of 2013, Pierce Avenue was born.

As for working together Jaime says that “It’s not a facade, we really are best friends. If I’m ever nervous or I don’t feel good, if I look at him and he just knows. He helps me believe in myself even more than I do, there’s so many times when we’re writing or we’re working out parts and he says ‘Yes you can, I know you can.’ And we’ll get it done. I’m a pretty shy person and Tony really helps me put myself out there. Tony’s not shy at all.” But that doesn’t mean that being a working team is easy, new to co writing the two often joke:  “We might sound like we’re getting a divorce but we’re going to be fine.” Their love is here to stay, even if it takes an argument or two to write the perfect song.

Musically, Tony and Jaime are more of a throwback to the country music of the 1980’s and 1990’s, a
time when country songs were about life, and had a more discernible sound. With role models like Patsy Cline, Reba, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood for Jaime and Keith Urban, Vince Gill, and Steve Warner as Tony’s favorites, it’s no wonder that Pierce Avenue shies away from the modern pop of “bro country.” But for Tony and Jaime, they just want to make music the way it feels right. “We’re not trying to sound a certain way, it’s just really what comes out. That’s just what we’re about, just being ourselves.”

 In a world where country music has become indefinable, Tony and Jaime, are making the music that
feels true to their music, and for each other. For now, Pierce Avenue is writing and working on their new music, and getting excited for what’s to come in the following year. “There’s some other stuff coming later next year. We’re pretty excited!”

“What we’re doing; it makes us happy.”

To hear the music of this real life marriage, including “Take It to The House” and “Shut up” just go to Here you can also find links to their social media sites, upcoming show dates, and a moving country cover of John Legend’s “All of Me.”.

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