Monday, November 16, 2015

Indie Ville TV #71 The Band Summertime

Written Curtis Gardner
How did the group come together? Did any of you know each other prior to joining the group?

NG: Summertime started off as my side project. I (Nathan Goodlet, vocals, guitar) always wanted to
make pop punk and after graduating college I decided to move to Nashville, Tn to make that happen. I didn’t know a lot of people until I started going to a small bible study group. I was speaking one night and talked about a camp back in Florida I worked for. Afterwards Keith Perez (now bassist) came up and told me that he used to attend that same camp as a kid. We became friends and started playing for a pop artist named Cappa. About a year after playing together with Cappa, we met Matt Dougan (now drummers) through a mutual friend because Matt was interested in playing for Cappa. I had a friend booking a show for a touring band and asked if I could have a band together in a month for a show so I asked Keith and Matt to join me and we’ve been playing together ever since.

How did Summertime get their stage name?

NG: The name Summertime came from a song by a group called Mae.

What is the group musical influences? What artist(s) Do you draw the most influence from?

NG: We all have different types of music that we enjoy listening to. Keith loves riff based rock like
Muse and Mutemath but his favorite band is The Chariot, Matt always try to get me to listen to stuff
like Chris Brown and I tell him no. Matt also shares my love of pop punk though too. So when I went into the studio with producer Josiah Prince of Disciple I told him I was looking for that The Starting
Line sound. An early 2000s pop punk emo vibe. While in the studio Josiah and I would discuss Blink
182, Further Seems Forever and his former band Philmont. I’ve been drawing a lot from Mxpx, New
Found Glory and hitting up some of these newer acts like The Story So Far, Neck Deep, and Real

Do u remember your first gig? If so, what's was that performance like?

NG: Our first gig was horrible. It was at a dive bar in Nashville called Daisy Duke’s. You walk in and the first thing you notice is the giant zombie painting behind the stage which you later learn is the undead version of Daisy the bartender. We were the only local band so they put us last. We kept
telling them “We only have three songs!” but they put us as the headliner anyways. As soon as we
started my guitar cable decided to short out and when I went to put a new one in I forgot to plug it into the amp. It was stressful to say the least. We played our three songs and were like “well that’s

What's the process like of creating music in the studio?

NG: I had it super easy recording with Josiah. I sent him acoustic versions and by the time I got to his studio he had fully produced tracks that I was more than pleased with. So it was super easy. I just got
there laid down vocals and we tweaked a few things but it was really quick.

What is the group current plans? Are you pushing any new music or have any new shows coming

NG: I am currently writing for a new full length album. Keith and I are still playing for Cappa and she is blowing up so that is taking a lot of our time and focus but I am still writing when I can. We have been playing some new songs as well as a cover song by Acceptance at our shows. I hope to have a new song recorded and a music video done by the end of the year. Nashville friends can see us at Rocketown December 18th.

Outside of music what else do you enjoy? What are your hobbies or interests?

NG: Matt is a health nut and always working out and eating healthy. I’m sure Keith has hobbies out of music but that kid is always working on some kind of music. Whether he is producing other artists
albums, creating music for a new video game app called “Death Kitty,” or working on a score for a
movie he can usually be found in his studio. I work at the YMCA and it takes up all my free time but
every Sunday I love to meet up with a group of friends and play baseball.

What advice would you give a band coming up?

NG: Just keep playing. Never think of yourself higher than you ought. I played with a band back in
Florida and I got such a big head because I thought we were so cool. Just play what you love and love what you play. If we wanted to be rich and famous we probably wouldn’t be playing pop punk.

How can we find Summertime online?

NG: You can go to and there are links to all forms of social media. We
have it all: Facebook, ReverbNation, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, you name it.

Any final words or shout outs?

NG: Check out our album for free at

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