Sunday, June 12, 2016

Indie Ville TV #103 One Song at a Time Kamber Cain

Written by Eloisa Guynn

Born and raised in El Dorado Springs, Missouri, country artist Kamber Cain now splits her time
between her hometown and Nashville, Tennessee in pursuit of her singing career. She has
opened for such notable artists as Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Billy Dean, and Lonestar. She was
also the 2014 Missouri State Fair Idol.

Her love for music began at a young age as she recalls singing and performing on stage when she
was just three years old. She’s been singing and writing songs since then and doesn’t regret a
single moment of it. While she absolutely loves performing and connecting with the audience
when on stage, she also loves being able to write her own songs. For Kamber, being able to write
her own songs means she can express herself through her lyrics and still have control over her

She grew up listening to and is heavily influenced by artists like Shania Twain, Carrie
Underwood, and Taylor Swift. Her all-time favorite song is “See You Again” by Carrie
Underwood, which helped her through some difficult times when she lost three grandparents.
She’s always known that she would have a music-based career and thanks her family for being
very supportive of her dreams and aspirations. “Music is my calling and what I’m here to do,”
she says, but above all, “I’m striving to make a positive difference in this world, one song at a

Check out Kamber Cain’s music videos “Ain’t Nothin Like A Night Like This” and “Maybe I
Just Might” on YouTube. You can catch her performing at the Higginsville's Annual 4th of July
Festivities in Higginsville, Missouri. Connect with Kamber on her Facebook, Twitter, and
Instagram accounts, or visit her website to contact her.

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