Saturday, February 14, 2015

Indie Ville TV #27 Newcomer band 8 Faces

Written by Patricia Faulkner                             

Newcomer band, 8 Faces, has finished recording their first studio album, awaiting to break out in spring/early summer of 2015. The band contains Willow Parrish, Hunter Lovan, Ray Zen, and Ethan Kyle. These young minds sat down with me and toyed with my emotions as I pried what I could from them about their upcoming album. Here is a glimpse onto their lives as developing musicians.

Q: I see that you are all at varying ages..Exactly how old is everyone here and who does what?!

Hunter: Well, I’m 15. I am the guitarist. Willow, our front woman, is 16. 
Our drummer Ray Zen is actually 13, and our bassist Ethan is 16.

Q: How long have you been a band and who started it all?

 Hunter: We’ve been a band for about a year, and Willow and I have been playing together since the beginning. All of us went to school together except for Ray. We found him playing at a music showcase. 

Q: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

 Hunter: I’d say The Eagles, The Doors…Pantera! Led Zeppelin. 

Q: The song “Before Their Eyes” has a video out now..What is the story/message behind that song?

Willow: My dad and I wrote that song together about a girl coming of age and growing into something she wants other people to see. Basically a song about a girl growing up and growing into herself.

Q: I recall hearing your vocals and thinking in my head that they could translate across many different genres. Out of all, why did you choose the metal side of things?

Willow: The way my family has grown, there was always that metal/rock vibe, so that’s something I grew up on, and has always been something I listened to. 

Q: How do you feel about the demographic you’ll be performing for in the future?

Ethan: Terrified. (laughs)
Ray: Yeah, it’s an interesting demographic to see coming into a band at a young age, because I’m still in middle school. I’m in 7th grade. It’s interesting.

Q: Nashville needs more metal, so you guys better crank it out. At times, with developing bands it can almost become a competition of who can play the loudest. What is one element you try to stay mind as a unit?

All: Have fun!
Ethan: Have fun, and to make sure everyone is giving in the creative process.

Q: What is a problem you avoid during this creative process?

Hunter: I don’t know. We are a pretty diverse group. We aren’t just metal or just rock. We all listen to a wide range of things. It’s all about diversifying yourself. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Q: What is one thing that you think an independent artist or ensemble should try to remember when writing music? 

Hunter: Take your time with the songs you are writing.
Ethan: -Make sure they each have their own personality.
Hunter: At first, your songs are not going to be good, and you’re just going to accept that and keep writing and working, but one day they’ll be good. 

Q: Tell me about the album coming out.

Hunter: We have everything recorded as of right now. We have 12 songs, but we’re cutting it down to about 8 or 9. 

Q: Where do you see yourself as a band in one year?

Willow: Doing what we do.
Ray: I think when we get finished up with this album, we’ll start doing more blues know, groovy stuff.
Hunter: Yeah, we don’t plan on slowing down. 
Not moving too fast, but we’re definitely all in for the long haul.

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