Sunday, October 25, 2015

Indie Ville TV #67 Lennox Munroe Talks Body Confidence- “Whether you’re a size two, or a size 12, you’re still beautiful.”

Written by -K.L. Graham                        

Lennox Munroe is a busty, blonde model who has been cultivating her career from years of working with photographers, and creating her own image.  With her cropped hair, tattoos, and curves, it would be easy to put this girl into a fancy boudoir box, but that’s not Lennox’s prerogative. A lover of art and a passionate advocate for body confidence, Lennox wants to inspire young girls, and ensure them that they are beautiful no matter what their size. “Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, you’re still beautiful.”

When asked if she feels most comfortable in boudoir, the model replied “No, No, I don’t. I kinda fell into that.” And went on to say “But if the photographer needs it and I’m comfortable with them, it’s ok.”

Off duty, Lennox prefers comfort and yoga pants or basic jeans and tees.   “My favorite outfit would be my ripped up jeans, my boots, and a trendy t-shirt,” an outfit that has become a staple of women’s
fashion for Nashville natives.

Originally from Knoxville TN, at the age of seven, Lennox moved to Nashville.  “Nashville has pretty much always been home.”

And where girls from New York may idolize Kate Moss, or more recently Kate Upton, for Lennox, she found her idol right at home: her mom.  “I saw a picture of her when she was younger, it was stunning.  After that, I thought: Maybe that’s something I could try.”  Lennox attributes her looks and her life to her hard working mother.  “I owed it to her to make the most of the opportunities I was given.”

As for career goals, Lennox declares “My immediate goal is to get published.” Having been published before, Munroe is eager to be featured in more publications, and has been cutting her teeth with Nashville based photographers.

Being an independent model may have its pros and cons, but in her down to earth way, Lennox says “It’s actually opened a few doors for me to meet people. I’ve been given the opportunity to talk to teenagers about body image.”

Lennox hopes to be a role model and thinks that young women need to be encouraged by setting goals for themselves, and knowing that they are beautiful inside and out.  “It’s very important we start at a young age. They are perfect the way they are, trust that. Be around positive people.  There’s so much negativity. I’ve learned that the hard way.”

What is so interesting about Lennox Munroe (besides her fabulous Van Gogh tattoo and rockin’ bod) is her passion for self-love and confidence. She’s tough, and beautiful, and ready to show the world that every woman, every person, is beautiful in their own way.   To see more of Lennox’s life in photography,

and more about her personally, you can visit her page at

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