Friday, October 2, 2015

Indie Ville TV #64 Woman of Many Musical Hats, Sharon Koltick

Written by Ryn R.                              

"Eight years ago…I came down from Indiana to  get involved in the music scene," 
Sharon Koltick shares, further commenting on watching the growth and 
development of Music City's indie and alternative culture. 

Retiring her band Kink Ador which was "started when I first moved to 
Nashville…kinda a long and winding road" for her most recent enterprise, Dead 
Cures, Koltick enjoys the collaborative nature of the project. 

Made up of ex-Adore band-mates Evan Buchanan, Michael Kisak, and Koltick herself, 
Dead Cures is expected to release web-wide any day now. 
With two bands under her belt, Koltick also nurtures her own personal side project 
with Gregory Lattimer, Sharon Koltick Presents, which has recently released the 

Established as a musical catch-all transforming bits and pieces of other songs into 
developed tracks, Koltick explores life and love through her own lense as a 
"response to the Beatles' song; love isn't all you need." 

Building a sense of community and friendship with other musicians and music 
lovers is extremely important to Koltick, who is grateful for venues like the Mercy 
Lounge, the 5 Spot, and The Basement which are "…great places for people to hang 
out and support music."

Dig in to Koltick's live crew, Dead Cures, at The Eastroom October 9th, and then The 
5-Spot October 17th.  

You can find her various projects on either Kink Adore (, Sharon 
Koltick Presents (, and Dead Cures (, or their 
respective FaceBook, YouTube, and Bandcamp pages.

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