Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Indie Ville TV #97 The Sound of Overcome Silence

Written Alexis Chateau   

Founded by the son of a former rock star turned preacher, Overcome Silence mixes
hardcore metal with a more progressive sound, and a pinch of faith.

“My Dad played in an old 80s band,” lead vocalist Caleb, explains. “The record label that
signed Katy Perry – when they first started up, they asked my Dad to sign with them, but
the band declined. He’s a preacher now.”

Caleb sees himself as just carrying the torch, as the musician in the family. In fact, even
though the band only recently got its start in November 2014, Caleb had the band name
set aside from as early as 7 th or 8 th grade.

“I made that name… when I got my first rock band game,” he laughs. “I thought: this
needs to be a real name. This needs to be a real band. It eventually became a real band,
and we’ve been playing shows for more than a year now.”

During this time, the band has enjoyed a wealth of opportunities – from meeting their
favorite bands, to having their favorite bands watch their shows and flaunt their
merchandise. In 2015 – less than a year after getting the started – the band competed in
the Ernie Ball 19 th Annual Battle of the Bands.

“It wasn’t as hyped as it could have been,” Caleb remembers. “The year before, Music
City Booking got their own stage and there were a bunch of local bands that played that
stage. We hoped for the same, but it ended up not happening. There’s [sic] so many
bands competing. It’s hard to win without a large following.”

But the band didn’t leave the experience without a valuable lesson learned. “It’s good for
people to check you out, but hard for people to find you in the place. It taught us that we
need to get out there first.”

And that’s exactly what the band has been working on – focusing more on doing shows
outside of Nashville, and out-of- state. So far, the band has travelled even to Virginia,
where Caleb describes one of the most interesting venues he’s ever played at.

“We played at a metal church in Winchester, Virginia,” he shares. “The church was called
Heaven’s Pit and they center worship around mosh-pitting.” He laughs. “Right when you
enter, you feel like you’re in a biker gang. Almost all the girls have colored hair. Even the
kids look metal. They have eight year olds moshing in the pit.”

This was not Caleb’s first run with mixing metal and Jesus. Firmly rooted in his faith,
Caleb first began Overcome Silence with the hope of making it big as a hardcore
Christian rocker. But so far, he’s seen many such musicians struggle to make it in the

“It sucks, because my dream as a kid was to be an awesome hard rock Christian band,”
Caleb admits. “But right now, they’re all doing terrible. The choice is live your dreams
and not be as successful, or choose the more successful route and see where it goes…
This generation is not into [Christian music] and it’s sad.”

In spite of Caleb’s dismal outlook on success in the music industry, his band has worked
with big names like Phinehas, War of Wages, and Wolves at the Gate. The band also had
the amazing opportunity to meet Demon Hunter.

“They’re the reason I’m a metal band musician,” Caleb gushes. “They show you can still
be a Christian and be metal. I’ve run into their guitarists so many times, and I always
freak out. They’re two people I just can’t be normal with.”

Perhaps, because of their success, Caleb plans to keep working on his dream. “We’re
gonna go wherever life hits [sic] us,” he shares. “We’re gonna make music and send it
out to the radio stations and record labels and get an honest opinion. If they like it, let’s
do it.”

The band features an all-new lineup with Caleb still on vocals, Sterling and Max on
guitars, and Logan on drums. Overcome Silence also works with a fifth member, Josh,
who replaces Max Garcia for out-of- state shows.

Give them a listen. They’ll blow your mind – and your speakers.

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