Sunday, March 20, 2016

Indie Ville TV #85 Nashville Rock Star Bree

Written by  Curtis Gardner

How long have you been doing music?
My late Mother, who died when I was six, used to joke that she had me singing Gospel when I still in the womb. Seriously, it’s been for as long as I can remember. I was classically trained on piano when I was eight and picked up the guitar when I was fourteen.

What's the best thing about performing live in front of an audience?
Nothing is more important. It’s the true acid test for any artist. I won’t consider recording a song I’ve written until I’ve performed it in front of people.

Has Nashville and beyond responded well towards your music?
Nashville, particularly East Nashville, has been fantastic. My band is kind of a weird duck. We’re a three piece, late 60s/early 70s British influenced Rock n Roll band with an upright bassist. Most people will see the upright bass and say, “Rockabilly, right?”  Nope.  Mayrk’s biggest influence is Motown great James Jamerson.  They see me playing a Gibson Flying V and say, “Heavy Metal shredder, right?”  Nope. My guitar influences are Keith Richards, Peter Townshend and Mick Ronson.  But here in Nashville they embrace all musical genres and mixtures without question. Nashville truly is Music City.

What's the biggest show that you have done thus far?
The Nashville Mardi Gras show in downtown Nashville in 2014. There were 30-35,000 there. Needless to say it was a rush!

You just came back from a trip to London? Was that your first time going? How did they respond to your music?
My first time in London was last September. I fell in love with the UK and we now have a fantastic team in London promoting us. The British grasp my music very quickly. It may be because most of my musical influences are British. The first single, Damn, I’m Being Me Again, from our upcoming album New Skin is now getting play on over 40 stations. We return to London in late May for live shows.

Your video I'm The Boss is nominated for an Indieville TV award for best music video? How does it feel to get recognized for your work?
It feels wonderful! I feel so honored. Thank you

I watched the video earlier. A lot was going on in the video. How did you decide on the concept for it?
LOL Yeah, it was a crazy night. We shot I’m The Boss at the Joy Mansion in East Nashville in October 2013. I simply wanted the video to reflect my life in East Nashville at the time hanging out with friends and playing at house parties. A night to remember!

What's next for Bree? Anymore shows coming soon?
We’re getting a killer reaction in the UK and are focusing on our return there in late May.  However, we are long overdue for a show here in Nashville. Our last was when we headlined Halloween at The Basement because we’ve been busy recording our album with Justin Cortelyou.

How can one find you on social media?
Snapchat: breezyinyoface

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