Monday, March 13, 2017

Indie Ville TV #124 Tramaine Arte’mis – Nominated R&B EP of the year

Written by Lillian Rhine

How long have you been in the music industry?     
The Industry has always surrounded me; but I would say I started making my mark about six years, rather I was hosting my own Jazz show or singing, I just did it!

What was the inspiration behind your R&B project?
I like to think of my project as Contemporary and Smooth Jazz with a hint of R&B. The inspiration comes from Love and the divine connection that comes with it when it’s authentic. 

What is the most challenging thing about being an artist?
The most challenging thing for me is being too hard on myself, I have to step back sometimes and breathe and remember that perfectionism leaves no room for growth.

If you could create music with any other singers/musicians, who would you choose and why?
Although there are so many greats to choose from, I would have to say first off Quincy Jones, Michael
McDonald, Jazz Pianist & Producer Marcus Johnson; and Female Vocal Extraordinariness: Connie Florence, Diane Reeves, and Rachelle Ferrell. They are all rich in talent and each has qualities and uniqueness that I admire and learn from.

What is your process or quirks when you create music?
My process I would say is tapping into real issues of life and allowing the music to happen...Quirks? Cannot really think of any quirks, unless you count occasional writer’s block lol

What makes you tick?
When I have accomplished a goal and come to a true understanding of my true inner potential on what I am working on.

Tell us about your best performance?
My best performance was my CD release party for “Connected” The energy in the room was beautiful! Having family and friends locally and out of town definitely drove me to a higher place in my performance and it was a magical night of music.

Do you have any advice for upcoming artists?
Be Authentic and Attitude is everything. Moreover, keeping a positive spirit through your artistic journey will help you stay focused though the ups and the downs.

Choose one of the following topics and give a “top five”: food, cities, bands, movies, games
Food: Some of my Favs are:

5-Fresh to Order
4-Ghot Wings
3- Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint
2- Sicilian Pizza
1- Virago

Is being Tramaine Arte’Mis the artist just a dream, a career, or a side gig?
Tramaine Arte’Mis is who I am inside and out. My vision as an artist is reality. My gift is a reality therefore, I strive to elevate and evolve allowing my gift to work for me letting it take me where I am meant to go with it.

Instagram: @tartemis777
Facebook: @TArteMisMusic

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