Friday, March 17, 2017

Indie Ville TV #130 Lindsay Ross – Nominated for Actress of the Year

Written by Lillian  Rhine                                        

How long have you been in the film industry?              
I only recently started training and working in the film industry. I started acting in New York doing live theater. I moved to Nashville five years ago and started singing on the General Jackson Showboat. During that time I also decided to explore a different medium of storytelling and entertainment.

Can you tell us a little about some of the films you have been featured in?
“Take It All The Way” was by far one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever worked on. I’m a singer, so to be able to incorporate two loves into one film was wonderful. I’m excited about a new, more serious film I’m shooting at the end of March.

Was making film your first love? What other aspects of the film world interest you?
My first love was reading. I would read autobiographies and biographies about anyone, preferably everyday, unknown people. I’ve always loved figuring out what people do, why they do, how they do. When I met my husband he was a cinematographer and I became interested in film through that. However, I’ve always loved acting.

What is the most challenging thing about being an actress?
For me it’s that fine balance of caring enough and not caring too much. It’s being thick skinned and vulnerable.

If you could act alongside anyone, who would it be?
My immediate 13 year old reaction to this question is Leonardo DiCaprio. (Who’s kidding who, my adult self is saying the same thing. He’s a wonderful actor). But right now I’m really into Brie Larson’s work.

What is your process or quirks when you create?
This is weird and I’m honestly unsure why I’m sharing it but I like to rehearse in my bathroom with the lights off. Once I feel like it’s a little more in my body I will turn the lights on. Like a graduation.

Tell us about your best film experience.
“Take It All The Way” ignited a confidence in myself that I am truly thankful for. There’s nothing better than getting to collaborate and do something you love with your friends who inspire you on and off the set. It won Nashville’s 48 hour and went on to win top 12 and best song at Filmapalooza. We were also chosen to be screened at Cannes film festival. Couldn’t be more excited to go to France — Au revoir!!

Do you have any advice for upcoming artists?
This is going to sound cliche but I promise you it’s not. Be you. Just go to your bathroom, sit in there with the lights off, and turn the lights on when you figure it out.

Choose one of the following topics and give a “top five”:  food, cities, bands, movies, games
V for Vendetta
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
The Wizard of Oz

****Honestly though I’m feeling TV way more right now! Here’s my top TV shows.
This Is Us
House of Cards
Law and Order SVU

Is being Lindsay Ross the actor just a dream, a career, or a side gig?
Being Lindsay Ross the actor is a dream career. I’m thankful for every project. Each one, big and small, reminds me that I’m making a living in the industry I chose.

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