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Indie Ville TV #132 Adam Searan Fusing pop singer/songwriting with country essence

Written by Andrew

Rooted in country and Christian music Adam Searan has been playing music since childhood. You will more than likely catch him playing a one man acoustic set as he tends to take the simple, yet very effective, approach to live performance. Not only is Adam nominated for Indie Ville TV's Indie Country Artist/Group award, but has been recognized extensively for his songwriting, including receiving the grand prize in the 2014 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The singers' authentic passion and straight forward lyrical content will only ensure future success, and after stealing a few moments of the artists' afternoon, he shows no signs of slowing down.

Indie Ville TV: We wanted to start with a little bit of background, were you raised in a musical household?
Adam Searan: Yeah, my family's pretty musical, when I was growing up my dad was playing guitar, doing sessions and stuff. My dad ended up quitting. But yea we've always been really musical.

IVTV: Was it country music or variety ?
AS:  A variety, but predominantly country music or Christian music, when I was growing up we didn't really have the option to  listen to anything else besides Christian or country. I discovered rock n roll on my own later.

IvTV: Right on, I'm sure others share that story. So were you raised in Nashville or were you a transplant?
AS: Well, I was born in Ohio and my parents were divorced, but all my memories are here. My dad lived in Nashville so I pretty much grew up here, then later on when he got custody of me, ya know, I graduated here, went to school here, went to church here you know, all that stuff. So I pretty much grew up here.

IVTV: Very cool, so when did you start playing?
AS: I started playin when I was eleven.

IVTV: Eleven, so when was the first glimmer of success that let you know this is what you wanted to do?
AS:  When I was probably about fifteen I put out my first, its so cheesy man, I put out my first christian record-

IVTV: -of originals?
AS: Yeah, it was my first Christian record of originals, and it was just me and a drummer, that was it. It did really well, lots of people bought it, I played lots of shows, and ya know one thing lead to another and it kept growing and growing. I kinda knew that I wanted to do music full time when I heard Oasis's Wonder wall on the radio. I had always been singing and playing and dabbling and stuff, but then that's when I knew I had to do this, ya know what I mean?

IVTV: Right on, yes, so did Oasis convert you from the Christian music to the rock 'n roll?
AS: Ya know actually it wasn't that they converted me from the Christian music to the rock 'n roll they just made me think that there was something bigger there than Christian music, and that the world was a lot bigger than the church choir. It didn't make me say like, "AHHH forget Christian music!" But it made feel like, "Hey there is a whole world out here that might be more receptive to something a little more real." Ya know?

IVTV: Would you say Oasis is your main influence on the music you play now?
AS:  AH heck yea, Oasis, David Gray, I'm a big fan of old country.

IVTV: Yeah, yeah Willie and Johnny Cash like that?
AS: Yeah but the thing is I'm that crazy dude who's like, "Hey! let's take some of these elements that these guys are doing and let's put a little Ed Sheeran on top."

IVTV: Totally, I hear that too, in the tunes.
AS: So my thing is, ya know, I just don't-  Music is like love, there are no rules. I think the laws of energy apply to music too, like energy can't be created or destroyed so i feel the same way about great songs. Were not creating or destroying great songs were just pulling from the songs that are out there and refining them ya know?

IVTV: Absolutely, you put that a great way, I dig it.
You're no stranger to award nominations you won the John Lennon Songwriters Award in 2014. Can you tell us a little about that experience, And how that felt?
AS: So, we, My team, had submitted the song. When something's submitted I get excited about it, but I just put it out there, let people vote, see how it goes. But I'm so busy all the time I often forget about it. So I woke up one day and I got this email, It was like, "HEY! you've won the grand prize!" and I was like " Whaat!?  So yea, and they hooked me up, dude, gave me some great studio equipment, so yea it was very cool an awesome experience.

IVTV: Very cool, To depart from music a bit do you have a favorite non musical activity?
AS: UM...

IVTV: Just in general...
AS: Ya know Im a very active gamer, I love to game, in fact right now my jam is playing PlayStation while on the fitness bike, so I built this fitness arcade situation in my house.

IVTV: That's a great idea.
AS: That or I would say cooking, I love to cook.

IVTV: You could take that finesse arcade idea and run with it, open some shops..
AS: Oh its freakin awesome, I'll tell ya about it at the awards show.

IVTV: I look forward to meeting you! Last but not least, what is up and coming for you? Are you in the studio, or just out playin gigs? Whats the deal?
AS: I'm in the studio, I'm working on a new record and tons of great artists on their records, I'm super excited about things that are happening right now, I'm working on a cool live show and yea I'm booking gigs, gotta get out on the road..

IVTV: You're all over the place..
AS: I'm all over the place! so, um, yea I mean just go to, and I did that because before you tell people Adam Searan and there's like five million ways to spell it so I am the band, Basically in country music I kinda am doing what Ed Sheeran does for pop,I play acoustic shows, I don't travel with a band, and that's always been since I was a kid, That's always been my fans' preference so I wanna stay true to that and I'm sticking to it.

IVTV: Right on, well Adam it was nice talking with you and I'll see you at the awards show.
AS: You will, and if have any more questions give me a shout.
There you have it, Indie Country Artist/Group nominee Adam Searan. Officially catch him at   and it couldn't hurt to like his Facebook page if it's your jam. Keep in mind Voting for the 3rd Annual Indie Ville TV Awards ends on April 4, 2017. Until next time, cheers!

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