Monday, March 20, 2017

Indie Ville TV #131 Cameron McCasland and The Beast in the Cave

Written by K.L. Graham    

I've been making both feature and short films for twelve years. I've made twenty plus shorts, I produced features, I did a tv  show for so long... "Doctor Gangreen's Creature Feature."

With a resume like that and a long list of awards, Cameron's kept on creating, this time with H.P. Lovecraft's "The Beast in the Cave."

What made him choose this material?

"Honestly, one of the biggest reason is because we had a location we could do it.  I found this cave about ten years ago on set."

McCasland, eager to get new work out also wanted to turn out new material quickly and with as much artistry as possible.

"Larry Underwood our producer wanted to do something fairly quickly...I have in the past taken a lot of time. I want everything to be perfect but there's something to be said about being quick on the turn around. I'm really proud of how this turned out."

Not only was a simple to story to build a great short film on, but H.P. Love Craft has a built in fan base, and with McCasland's experience with "Doctor Gangreen's Creature Feature" it was a chance to work with a creature based story line, a small cast, and that gem of a cave he had found years ago.

"It was shot in a real cave in Tennessee, we had to backpack in to do it."

The cave, is on a farm lot north of Nashville, and the parlor scene was shot in Nashville proper, at the home of Patsy Cline's ill-fated pilot.

The short film was riddled with it's own horrors, bloodied knees, latex allergies, but through the hard work of the tight knit cast and crew, a piece of Lovecraft history was made.

"It played at both H.P. Lovecraft film festivals in both Providence Rhode Island and Portland Oregon. And it will show at the Nashville Film Festival. It's had a dozen film festival screenings and was nominated for an Emmy."

The film, shot with "just firelight and a couple of LED flashlights" weaves the tale of a traveler who finds something strange deep within a cave.

Not only is "The Beast in the Cave" in the running here at Indieville, Wynn Reichert played the lead role and is up for Indieville's Best Actor award, and the film's creature creator Chuck Angall for best makeup artist.

"Joe Drake is the same actor who was in the costume for Tailypo."

Tailypo won last year, and McCasland says about this year's IndievilleTV awards "We're really looking forward to it."

So are we, Cameron, so are we.

You can watch the spooky short film here:

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