Monday, March 20, 2017

Indie Ville TV #133 Stagger Moon and "She's Got to Leave" An interview with Lead Singer Ky Brazelton

Written by  K.L. Graham

Stagger Moon comprised of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Ky Brazelton, drummer, Stevie Counts, former drummer turned bass player, Clark McClain, and Ken Huddleston on lead guitar hails from Middle Tennessee and has been wowing audiences far and wide.

With a group of guys this talented, I asked Ky what Brotherhood means to him and the band.

"Brotherhood is when you learn to love someone.  I've got coworkers and family I consider brothers. ..It's when trials and tribulations go out the door." As for the band, Brazelton says:  "It's like we are brothers. We try to practice every Wednesdaynight. If we miss those Wednesdays, we miss our camaraderie.  Everybody's personalities just click.  I really love playing with these guys."

On his favorite thing about music Ky says "It's a good escape, well you know it can be communication.  I just have a natural love for it.  It's hard to put it in words, but it's always been there for me."

Wordless, like how his love for music makes him feel may also be how the band's latest long "She's Got to Leave" started, but certainly is not how it ended up.

"The story behind it is we were doing the live recording, John Williams was recording it for us.  We hit it in one lick.  We had the music but no words, we went back in and I started to sing to it, and it just worked."

Armed with his team of brother musicians and his own skills at improv songwriting, "She's Got to Leave" was born.

Brazelton says "'She's Got to Leave' not she had to." Turns out his bit of song turned into a trilogy.

"The EP is a trilogy of songs about a young girl named Rogue who gets to travel the world and not miss home.  The world is her oyster."

Somewhere between a concept album and just a good old fashioned country song, the EP's gem "She's Got to Leave" hits home.

Stagger Moon's sound according to Ky:  "It's got soul in it, country, Americana, with a dash of rock n' roll" is Southern Alternative at it's best.

"She's got to Leave" would fit right in alongside a Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson playlist with it's soulful sound and jolt of country rock.

As for being nominated for best song Ky says "I appreciate the nomination" and says he's a big fan of last winners and nominees including the Dead Deads and Angie Brooks.

This year, Ky's fellow band members are up for best Indie Drummer and Guitar Player.

"We love it, it's a passion."

Aside from making music, the guys also are passionate about helping out fellow Middle Tennessee Bands.

"We do a program called SLIM. We help support local independent music and bands needing help booking gigs. It's a non profit and we have a Facebook page.  We try to line up as many local bands as we can and all it is is a phone call for us."

To see the work of SLIM (@Support Local Independent Music) just visit:

And to catch up on where you can hear "She's Got to Leave" both online and on stage you can check out: and on Twitter @staggermoonband and on Instagram: @stagger_moon

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  1. I've have personally met these guys. And they helped the band i was in when it was going. Their talent, respect for the industry and their support network are above standards. They are a great band and a great group of guys. Good Luck Staggers Moon - you all deserve this.